We need you to survive and improve!

Leading Sport is constantly growing, but we need your help in order to improve and to survive! We’d love to turn our passion into a profession, and to become better and better every day.

We’re special because there are no websites like ours out there.

Our project is special because there are no other websites like ours in Switzerland. We cover ice hockey with passion, we focus on analysis, statistics and fun facts. We’re completely impartial and that makes us unique. We don’t just «write» pieces, but we always try to deepen and elaborate the subjects we talk about. In other words, for us it’s quality that matters not quantity. We are totally against rumors or any kind of misinformation, we aren’t clickbaiters! Our work is appreciated by insiders and ice hockey professionals.

We want to survive and improve!

Sponsors are our only financial source and we thank them so much for supporting us. If we want to survive, however, we also need your help… otherwise, Leading Sport will be dead at the end of this season.

We’d like to make Leading Sport a complete website by improving the user experience and adding some features. The money we eventually receive will be used for:

  • inserting contents of our Website in German and French
  • implementation of tables for results, standings and statistics
  • implementation of the section «news», with all the latest OFFICIAL news from the world of Swiss hockey
  • implementation of a page for each single club (with latest news, results and statistics)
  • website maintenance and technical support
  • investments in the field of marketing and commercial
  • better quality of pictures

Last, but not least, we want to keep the access to our website totally free forever. Nevertheless, we also need to feed our cat 🙂 Moreover, we would really appreciate anyone’s help. We’re growing each day but there is no denying that it takes time to make a project a successful one… if you follow us and you think we deserve some help in order to continue our work, that would be fantastic and a confidence booster for us!

Thank you for your support.

If you want to help us…


Bank Transfer

Leading Sport di Damiano Cansani e Barbara Kurdziel

Banca Raiffeisen Lugano

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20 CHF We offer you a personalized set of lighters of Leading Sport!
50 CHF We offer you our t-shirt of Leading Sport!
100 CHF We offer you our t-shirt and baseball cup of Leading Sport!
500 CHF We offer you two tickets (standing place) for a game of your choice of the 2020-21 regular season
1500 CHF We offer you a dinner in Lugano for two persons, the perfect chance to meet us 🙂
2500 CHF We offer you a free six months banner in our website for you or a company of your choice
5000 CHF We offer you a free one-year banner in our website for you or a company of your choice