Killian Mottet, born on January 15th, 1991. Swiss forward. Distinguishing features? Lots of talent and Fribourg Gottéron in his heart!

Killian is that kind of a player from whom, regardless of the level of the performances delivered, people always expect more and more. That’s the price to pay when you’re about to become a symbol of your club and when your talent is above average. This last season, anyway, Killian Mottet delivered some very good performances. Moreover, he tallied 30 points in 41 games which represents his career best when it comes to points per game.

30 points we said, including 15 goals and also in this case we’re talking about his career best. In fact, Killian had never scored 15 goals in a single National League regular season!

Thanks to our friend “The Last Frontier”, we can now watch all the goals scored by the 29 years old Fribourgeois of Sédunois origins forward.

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30 points, 15 goals. As a fun fact, he scored 22 of his 30 points at the BCF Arena. His home. Home that he’d “abandoned” only temporarily approximately 10 years ago when, still young, he played in the NLB with the jerseys of Sierre, Lausanne and Ajoie for a couple of seasons. For the rest, he spent his whole career on the shores of the Sarine. And it’s likely that, always in the shores of the Sarine he will spend the rest of his career as a player. That’s for the joy of the fans of Fribourg Gottéron!

As said, Killian Mottet is a very talented forward with excellent scoring skills. He’s a forward from whom people always expect excellent performances and a player that, even though had some ups and downs in his career, is an added value for the Dragons. This last season, then, will certainly have given him great confidence in view of 2020-21.

Congrats, Killian!