Lugano had an only “decent” regular season but nevertheless was able to make the playoffs at the last gasp. There is no denying that not everything went well for the Bianconeri… but there is also no denying that there were few things that worked. Among these things, there are Alessio Bertaggia’s performances.

Alessio is somehow an “atypical” forward. He’s an extremely precious player that always puts his heart and soul into the games. He’s a player that, even though his size is not impressive, is oftentimes able to play a physical game. Moreover, let us not forget about his talent. Right, because the son of Sandro Bertaggia is also a player capable of putting the puck in the net.

It happened quite often in the past that he scored less than he might have. Right, in the past. Because during the regular season that just finished, Alessio scored as many as 17 goals and this represents his career best!

With 17 goals scored, Alessio Bertaggia made it to the top 10 of the National League… and if you talk about Swiss players, only Pius Suter (30) and Gregory Hofmann (24) scored more than him. Congrats!

Let’s watch all his 17 goals of the last regular season…

Alessio Bertaggia is a leader, an extremely precious player. He’s one of that kind of a player that is crucial for a team that wants to succeed. We’d even say that he’s quite underrated. He’s not underrated by Patrick Fischer though, because the National Team coach already proved that he is willing to count also on him. Rightly so, we say.

Great job Alessio, keep it up!