Lausanne reinforced themselves for the remainder of the season and added to their roster the Russian forward Vadim Pereskokov. He’s the sixth Russian who after Slava Bykov, Dmitri Shamolin, Andrei Bashkirov, Igor Fedulov and Alexei Dostoinov (even though the latter plays with a Swiss licence) becomes a Lions Vaudois this century.

Name: Vadim

Surname: Pereskokov

Date of Birth: 27 agosto 1993

Nation: RUS

Position: C/LW

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Vadim Pereskokov was born in Uralsk (Kazahkstan) on August 27th, 1993. He played youth hockey for CSKA Moscow and right with CSKA Moscow he made his KHL debut during the 2012-13 season.


From that moment on, and until the end of the 2015-16 season, Vadim always played in Russia in the KHL, MHL and VHL (the latter two, are minor leagues) and wore the jerseys of CSKA Moscow, Kuban Krasnodar and Krasnaya Armiya Moskow. And then…

The first real chance

And then he had the real chance to make a name for himself in the KHL. On the eve of the 2016-17 season in fact, he transferred to Kunlun Red Star where he could finally play a whole season in one of the most prestigious leagues of the world. In that campaign he collected 45 appearances tallying 6 points.

Finland, Russia, Finland

He remained only one season in Chinese club that plays in the KHL though. In the summer of 2017 in fact, Vadim transferred to the Pelicans (Finnish Liiga). And in this case, his time in the team was even shorter… because after only 25 games (7 points) he moved back to the KHL as he joined Admiral Vladivostok for the remainder of the season.

Then, however, in the summer of 2018 he moved back to Finland for good. Jukurit inked a contract with him and he remained in Mikkeli until few days ago, when he signed for Lausanne. In that second experience in the Liiga, Vadim Pereskekov collected 91 appearances enriched with 59 points.


Vadim Pereskokov è un attaccante alto 179cm che pesa 77kg. Può giocare sia al centro che all’ala.

In order to get to know more about him though, we got in touch with someone who’s been following him from close in the recent past. We had therefore the pleasure to talk to Ville Niskanen, journalist at “Länsi-Savo”, newspaper of Mikkeli, who follows Jukurit. Below, his impression on Vadim Pereskokov.

When it comes to Vadim Pereskokov, I would say that Jukurit was the right team at the right time for him. Pereskokov had already played in Finland a season earlier but decided to leave the Pelicans mid-season in order to go back to the KHL. He didn’t succeed in his homeland and Jukurit signed him as they needed players with scoring abilities. Jukurit gave him a place in the top six and things worked out very well.

Vadim needs to improve his defensive play, but apart from that it will be very interesting to see him in action in Switzerland, because we’re talking about a player with very good offensive skills. Especially, I’d like to mention his puck handling skills which are excellent not only for scoring goals but also to entertain the fans.


Thank you very much Ville!

Vadim is another option at Ville Peltonen’s disposal. He’s a young talented Russian with good puck handling skills… actually, we can imagine him as one of that kind of a player who can raise his level of play when games are tight, and an individual play can make the difference. Will he be able to fit in the strict system of play of the Lions Vaudois? Time will tell.

Welcome to Switzerland, Vadim!


* When Vadim Pereskokov was in China playing for the Kunlun Red Star… he played alongside players that can be linked to our National League. Tomi Karhunen (currently at Bern), Anssi Salmela (currently at Bienne), Damien Fleury (former Lausanne!), Tomi Sallinen (former Kloten) and Max Wärn (2 appearances with Lausanne last season!).

* Jukurit are currently 14th placed in the Liiga. Nevertheless, Vadim Pereskokov tallied 34 points in 46 games and was the top scorer of the team. Moreover, he scored as many as 16 goals and was among the top 20 for goals scored in the league.