HC Ambrì-Piotta vs HC Lugano 7-2 – Game recap, statistics and video highlights!




Let’s start from the end, that is from the news of the day. Lugano were too ugly to be true last night and that costed the job to the coach Sami Kapanen. But let’s don’t focus too much on that.

Right, because the fact that the Bianconeri totally underperfomed doesn’t have to take anything away from Ambrì-Piotta who outplayed the visitors from start to finish and earned a well-deserved 7-2 win!

Luca Cereda’s guys got off to a brillant start and took the lead with Brian Flynn after 38 seconds of play. Then, after few minutes during which both teams had their chances, Elia Mazzolini extended the hosts lead and basically the game was over at that point. Because Ambrì-Piotta delivered a fantastic performance and already during the first period went 3-0 ahead thanks to Tobias Fohrler.

And then, if we exclude the early stages of the central period when Lugano tried to react, the Leventinesi outplayed the Bianconeri just like it probably hasn’t happened in decades despite the goal scored a bit out of nowhere by Luca Fazzini that made it a brand new game for few minutes.

The Leventinesi dominated the game a bit because Lugano, as we said, were too ugly to be true. But a bit also beacause, most and above all, because they never gave up and were at the top of their game until the end. This allowed them to go 7-1 ahead thanks to Jannik Fischer, Biran Flynn, Marco Müller and Matt D’Agostini!

During the final stages then, Elia Riva scored for Lugano the goal that set the 7-2 final score. But it didn’t really matter. Luca Cereda’s guys wanted the win and earned it. Point.


Jiri Novotny & Scottie Upshall

Ambrì-Piotta’s team spirit is amazing. The perfect image for that was the “Geyser sound” staged by Jiri Novotny and Scottie Upshall, two players who didn’t even play. It was the perfect image, however, because it showed just how united is this group!



INTERVIEW – Tobias Fohrler, Michael Ngoy, Benoit Jecker