This is a special edition of the “The Rockets’ Monday” that we call “The Rockets’ Tuesday”.

We want to talk about a subject that concerns closely, also, the Ticino Rockets. That is, the relegation from the Swiss League to the MySports League that was reintroduced this season. Several people asked us how this relegation works. Others instead, they asked us if it’s true – as you can hear around – that this season there won’t be any relegation.

Those of you who follow us since a while, know very well that we hate “rumours”. We talk only about official facts.

However, this subject affects us closely considering that – as you know – we follow the Ticino Rockets on a weekly basis thanks to our column “The Rockets’ Monday”.

And so, we took advantage of Regio League’s director Paolo Angeloni in order to make things clear.

Paolo, exactly how does the promotion/relegation between the Swiss League and the MySports League really works?

The agreement between the two leagues (NL/SL and Regio League) forsees a League Qualification series (best of 7) between the last team of the Swiss League and the Champions or runners up of the MySports League. The Swiss League club will have the home advantage and both club can line up only one import player. In order to play the League Qualification series, the MySports League team must obtain the licence to play in the Swiss League that is given by the licence commission and must reach at least the MySports League final.

Is it true, as some people say, that this year there will not be relegations from the Swiss League?

No, this is not true. If one of the two MySports League finalists will obtain the Swiss League licence, there will be the League Qualification series as per areed between the two leagues. Some of the Swiss League side expressed the desire to suppress the relegation from the Swiss League to the MySports League, however there were no official requests so far. Having said that, I do not like the idea of a change of rules in an ongoing season and considering that we’re talking about an agreement that concerns both leagues, all the National League/Swiss League and Regio League would have to agree on that.

Thank you very much, Paolo!

So, that’s it. There will be the League Qualification series until proven otherwise. Point. We obviously like this, because we think it would be unserious to change the rules in an ongoing season. Unless, in fact, there is not an official request by all the parties involved (Swiss League and MySports League).

Then again, considering how things are going, there is no denying that the Rockets are currently the number one numer one favorites to play the League Qualification series against the future MySports League winners or runners up.

All this situation, in our opinion, is a great chance for the troops coached by Reinhard and Reuille, who has all it takes, anyway, to eventually play this series and also to win it and therefore save their place in the Swiss League.

We think it’s a great opportunity also because pressure helps to improve. And perhaps subconsciously – again, subconsciously – way too many people “snubbed” the Ticino Rockets because of the fact that their Swiss League place was secured in these years.

Now instead, we have the confirmation that their place is no longer secured.

And then, this is the moment to talk more and more in Ticino about the Rockets and support this club that is crucial for ice hockey in our Canton.

We, with all due respect for the other teams and especially those that risk to play the League Qualification series, will continue to talk about the Ticino Rockets. In fact, we will do it even more. We have several ideas for the new year.

Because guys, we just can’t wait until it’s too late to talk about the Rockets. We would seriously regret it. We’re talking about the team of all the “Ticinesi” and also of Davos and Lausanne. In other word, the Biasca’s based club is important for the 33.3% of the National League teams. And so also for so many young players, who are the future of our hockey.