Last night Switzerland earned 8-2 – yep, you got this right, 8-2 – win against Russia. What about that for a historical result!

Our scorers were Thomas Ruefenacht, Romain Loeffel (4!), Vincent Praplan, Alessio Bertaggia and Tristan Scherwey.

Now, it’s important to say that the opponents were Russia B. The real Sbornaja in fact, is playing somewhere else another tournament. Nevertheless, you can’t blame Switzerland for that. And so, we think it’s safe to say that Patrick Fischer’s guys proved for the umpteenth time that they’re very committed also when it comes to playing friendly tournaments. This is a symptom of real love for the National team jersey. This is something that we, as fans, appreciate a lot!

Moreover, let’s face it, it’s never easy to win against Russia.

The last time before last night dated back to April 22nd, 2017. In that case it was a friendly too, and the Swiss earned a 2-0 win in Bienne thanks to the goals scored by Pius Suter and Denis Hollenstein.

Overall, the Swiss won only 8 out of the last 32 games played against Russia. Friendlies and official competition included. And, most and above all, none of the 8 wins was earned with more than a 2-goals margin.

Therefore, the last time that Switzerland earned a large and comfortable win against the Sbornaja dates back to December 12th 1998!

The Swiss earned then a 6-1 win in Poprad (Slovakia) in the context of the Corgon Cup. Our guys were back then coached by Ralph Krueger and the scorers were Michel Zeiter (2), Reto Von Arx, Mattia Baldi and Martin Plüss (2).

For the record, it must be said that also back then the opponents were Russia B. Or rather, in fact it wasn’t even the Russia B… the Russian in fact, were represented by the club team Lada Togliatti in that tournament.

It was a different time. Back then our Swiss national team were trying to make a name for itself. Back then, it was hard to imagine that one day the Swiss could win a medal at the Worlds.

Nowadays instead, Switzerland improved a lot. But, most and above all, Patrick Fischer and his staff were able to make this team loved again. The players always WANT to represent the National Team and always try their hardest to make the fans proud. Just last night, when against an opponent that was certainly not at the top of his game, they nevertheless delivered a good team performance.