There is no need to say why it’s important to be into the lead during a hockey game.

Today, we want to show you a very interesting data discovered while surfing on the website We want to show you – data in percentage – for how long during the games the National League teams are leading, tied or trailing.

Thanks to these data, we can discover few interesting things.

Let’s take the three best teams for instance. Bienne, ZSC Lions and Davos. The three teams that, by the way, are at the first three places of the National League table.

Bienne spend a lot of time tied. And, most and above all, they spend only the 21.7% trailing. What can you say about that? You can say that oftentimes the Seeländers’ games are tight… but you can also say that Antti Törmänen’s guys are oftentimes able to win. In other words, they can make the difference at the key moments of the game.

ZSC Lions and Davos for their part are very often leading. The ZSC Lions data is impressive, considering that they’re leading the 42.9% of the time and this is the best figure of the league by far.

Data at hand, we want however to focus on Lugano and Genève Servette.

Let’s start with the Bianconeri. Sami Kapanen’s troops spend 70.9% of the time leading or tied. The overall results, however, are negative. The figures seem to suggest that Lugano are unable to handle favourable results and seem to suggest that the team – maybe also because of lack of self-confidence – is unable to make the difference at the key moments of the games.

All the opposite when it comes to Genève Servette. The Eagles’ trademark of the season is the team spirit. They’re currently 4th placed and are doing very well. Looking at these data, however, we find out that Patrick Emond’s guys are leading or tied only the 67.3% of the time… it means that they’re able to turn things around.

We mean, the table we shared with you shows that it’s very important to be leading or tied. Because let’s face it, the table we shared with you resembles the National League overall table. The only two exceptions are Lugano and Genève Servette. To simplify, the Bianconeri must improve when it comes to handling favourable situations and must improve when it comes to making the difference at the key moments of the games. The Eagles for their part, must find a way to put themselves in favourable situations more often. After all, when it comes to Patrick Emond’s guys, we’ve already mentioned that it would be better for them if games started at 20:30 🙂