Bienne had a fantastic Champions Hockey League ride. The Seeländers lost at the quarterfinal stages against Frölunda Hockey but they came out with their heads held very high. And let us not forget that we’re talking about Frölunda here, namely the team that it’s likely to be the best European one around, also bearing in mind that they won 3 of the first 5 editions of this tournament.

Antti Törmänen’s troops even wasted a great chance to make it to the semi-finals, as they had the game against the Swedish in hand until few minutes to the end. But if on the one hand they probably feel frustration caused by suffering the last gasp defeat, on the other hand there is awareness that Bienne are now to be considered a big team in every way.

We always say it. In our opinion, for financial means at disposal, the club based in the Seeland is the one that is doing the best work in Switzerland. Bienne never try to overdo but always try to improve step by step, season by season. And let’s face it, unless you have unlimited sources, this is the only way to really improve and mostly to establish itself on the top.

The last two seasons were exceptional, both finished at the semi-final stages. They can be considered the first fruit of the terrific job done on and off the ice. The performances delivered in the Champions Hockey League then, were the umpteenth proof that Bienne are by now a well-established reality.

The Seeländers were at their first CHL participation, and to sum up they were the ones – among the Swiss teams – that did better.

Now, it’s clear that the Champions League experience doesn’t make you reach financially. In fact, not many clubs make money in this competition. However, this experience certainly helped the Seeländers to build the only thing you can’t buy at the market… that is, the winning mindset.

In our opinion, the results achieved during the last two seasons – together with the “disappointments” – allowed Bienne to stand up to Frölunda Hockey, that as we said already it’s likely to be the best European club around.

They allowed Antti Törmänen’s troops to handle their emotions during two very important and delicate games.

And, always the two-legged tie against Frölunda, helped even more to build the winning mindset.

This is clearly only our opinion, but we think it’s safe to say that such games against such opponents are the only way to build an above-average self-confidence. The same self-confidence that then, at the key moments of the season, allows you to make the difference and to make that extra step forward that makes you, for example, win a game-7 of a series instead of losing it.

Moreover, the final negative result was negative. And such “disappointments” create hunger. They make it clear to the whole club that there is still some work to be done, but meanwhile make it also clear that you’re very close to reach something big.

Moreover, the fans follow the team with passion. They’re becoming hungry on their own. Yet, from the outside the impression is that they’re patient. They let the club work and follow the team in big number.

Let’s take the round of 16 and the quarterfinal of the Champions Hockey League. Overall, against Augsburger Panther and Frölunda Hockey, 10’224 fans attended the games. These are fantastic figures for this competition that, unfortunately, is still very underrated by most of the people.

E sono numeri che fanno capire come nel Seeland la squadra è seguita con amore vero, con orgoglio.

Now, back to hockey, it will not be easy for Bienne to win the title in short time, even though in our opinion they’re the number one outsider. It will not be easy even to make it to the final or to the semi-final every year, considering the overall balance of the National League. However, Bienne are doing a terrific work that is bringing them to the top. But, most and above all, they’re doing a terrific job allowing them to stay on the top for long time.

All this, also thanks to experiences like the one of the Champions Hockey League. A fantastic experience that was fruitful in every way.

Congrats, Bienne, keep it up!