What a nightmare for our three Swiss clubs in the Champions Hockey League. To make the story short… Bienne, Lausanne and Zug were all eliminated! The way they were eliminated, however, was very different for each team. Let’s get down to the details.

EHC Biel-Bienne vs Frölunda Hockey 3-5 (OT)

The Seeländers came out with their heads held high after the defeat suffered against Frölunda. The night at the Tissot Arena was fantastic and the game, played in front of 5’592 fans, exciting. The Swedish got off to a great start of the game and went to the first break 2-0 ahead thanks to the goals scored by the former Bern Ryan Lasch and Joel Lundqvist. During the central period though, Stefan Ulmer scored the first goal of the night for the hosts and therefore anything could happen during the last third. And it happened that the last 8 minutes of the game were literally crazy. The Seeländers went 3-2 ahead with Marc-Antoine Pouliot and Peter Schneider… it looked like a done deal for Antti Törmänen’s troops who had already won the first led in Sweden one week earlier. But Frölunda aren’t the title holders by accident, and so firstly turned the score around with Patrick Carlsson and Theodor Lennström. And then, most and above all, they earned the qualification to the semifinal 5 minutes and 53 seconds into the overtime period thanks to again Patrick Carlsson.

Lulea Hockey vs Lausanne HC 5-2

We all knew it would be difficult for the Lions Vaudois… even though, after only 3 minutes and 15 seconds of play, they took the lead with Joël Vermin. Then, however, Lulea almost immediately scored the tying goal with Isaac Brännström. And then, most and above all, they went 4-1 ahead by the 53rd minute of play thanks to Noel Gunler (2) and the former Zug and Lugano Daniel Sondell. Lausanne then scored their second goal of the night with Cody Almond but finally Austin Farley set the 5-2 final score.

EV Zug vs Mountfield HK 0-4

On paper, Zug looked the favourites for this one. And instead, Dan Tangnes’ troops weren’t able to win against Mountfield in front of their 4’450 fans. The game saw its turning point during the central period, when the Czech went 3-0 ahead thanks to Peter Koukal, Radek Smolenak (former Rappi) and Filip Pavlik. At that point the game was over. During the third period then, Mountfield set the 4-0 final score with Matej Chalupa.

To note that in the last quarterfinal Djurgarden earned a 3-0 road win against Red Bull Münich and therefore made it to the semifinals thanks to an overall 8-1 win.