HC Davos vs Lausanne HC 2-1 (OT) – Game recap, statistics and video highlights!


HC Davos vs Lausanne HC 2-1 (OT)


Davos earned a comeback 2-1 overtime win at the end of a game that was spectacular only at times.

During the first period the Ibexes didn’t underperform… but in terms of scoring chances, the Lions Vaudois were the better side. Same thing you could say about the central period, actually you can say even more. We think it’s safe to say that after the first break Ville Peltonen’s troops outplayed the hosts and that allowed them to score the first goal of the night at the half-an-hour mark with Matteo Nodari.

If there is something missing in  Lausanne though, is the “fighting spirit”. Let’s face it, we’re not saying that the Lions Vaudois should play dirty or anything like that… at times, however, we think that some more malice and emotions woudldn’t hurt. These factors in fact, would allow to seal games more often.

Last night it was the perfect example for that. Because Davos increased their level of play after the second break and, most and above all, they brought emotions into the game. This allowed them to score the tying goal with Andres Ambühl at 10 minutes to the end. And this allowed them – 4 minutes and 16 seconds into the overtime period – to score the game winning goal with Luca Hischier!


Sandro Aeschlimann

Sandro Aeschlimann’s performance was top notch to say the least!



INTERVIEW – Jöel Vermin, Etienne Froidevaux, Luca Hischier