So, also the month of November is behind us, we’re about to start the fourth month of the National League regular season. Time is flying, literally. We didn’t have the same impression – we, lovers of cold weather – that time was flying so much last bloody summer when the heatwave was killing us.

Having said that, let’s see what team was the best one in the month of November 2019. In other words, let’s have a look at the National League table of last month.

Obviously, we didn’t take the game played this Sunday between Bienne and Rapperswil into consideration.

Moreover, considering that not all the teams played the same number of games, the teams are ranked by points earned on average per game.


Davos lost 5-0 against the ZSC Lions their last game of the month… a defeat that, one way or another, was in the air. However, the Ibexes – who never cease to amaze – were the best team in the month of November!

Christian Wohlwend’s troops earned 2.10 points on average per game, that’s remarkable. Perhaps lately they haven’t been very consistent, in terms of play, over-the-arc of the 60 minutes of play. Oftentimes though, they’ve been nevertheless able to make it the way that episodes turned in their favour. Except from the last game, of course.

The second-best team in the month of November instead, is Genève Servette. The Eagles are second to no one, as well, when it comes to team spirit, and never cease to amaze.

Patrick Emond’s troops, moreover, had to deal with several absences because of injuries. But they’re seriously making their fans proud thanks to the fact that they are very committed and put their heart and soul into each shift. Then again, mind you, not everything is always working perfectly. Overall, however, Genève Servette are the National League nicest surprise. And to say, there were people saying on the eve of the season that Servette would fight at the bottom of the table…

After the Eagles, there are two teams tied on points who are third placed. We’re talking about Zug and Fribourg Gottéron.

The Bulls aren’t at the top of their game yet. At times, they show off their impressive potential… oftentimes, they literally outplayed their opponents. However, at this moment, they aren’t rock-solid and have extensive room for improvement also when it comes to consistency.

The Dragons for their part are reborn under Christian Dubé. Their commitment is great and they’re solid. Oftentimes, moreover, they’re capable of delivering good performances. We mean, finally there is some reason to smile on the shores of the Sarine, even though the terrible start of the season forced Gottéron to avoid long streak of negative results.

Let’s see now what teams did worse. The four teams that, considering the results of November 2019, are below the line.

Ambrì-Piotta, Bern, Rapperswil and, most and above all, Lugano. These four teams, as a fun fact, are also below the line if we take the general standing into consideration.

Frankly speaking, Ambrì-Piotta wouldn’t deserve to be where they are. Luca Cereda’s troops performances in fact, are very good most of the times. What’s missing, is the ability of “kill” the game and the ability to turn the good performances into more points.

Rapperswil for their part, as expected, are in the lower parts of the table. But Jeff Tomlinson’s guys improved a lot compared to last season. Now, they’re always a tough nut to crack and especially at home they are doing great. Without forgetting, moreover, that they have an impressive character.

Bern and Lugano instead, are the real disappointments.

The Bears darn struggle to get out of hibernation mode. Lately, moreover, even though they’ve been delivering decent performance, Lady Luck turned her back on them. Their last game of the month, however, ended with a win. A win that, at this point, hopefully is the real turning point of the season.

The Bianconeri for their part were, by far, the worst team of the month of November. Lugano’s average of points earned per game is worrying and alarming. And to say, Sami Kapanen’s troops looked great until only one month and a half ago. Currently, however, it looks like they’re playing without emotions… and this last factor, perhaps, is the biggest problem.

There is still relatively a long way to go to reach the end of the regular season though. There is still time for everybody to do better (or worse…).

We mean, up and at them to all of you National League teams!