We’re basically half-way through the regular season, and we want to establish who are – in our humble opinion – the five best transfers of the 2019-20 National League season to date.

Right, to date. Because obviously everything can change from now until the end of the season. Things move fast in ice hockey – in every way – and during the post-season you will really understand who is among the players who changed club and seriously made the difference.

But here is our TOP 5!


Garrett Roe (EV Zug -> ZSC Lions)

We think that the ZSC Lions’ fans are wondering how come Zug let Garrett Roe go. Let’s face it, the Bulls have built a fantastic roster… but nevertheless, Garrett Roe is making the fans of Zürich salivating!

Currently, Garrett Roe is the National League leading scorer with 29 points in 23 games. But it’s not only a matter of points scored. Garrett in fact, is pure energy and a leader on the ice. In our opinion, he’s the “transfer of the year” in every way. It’s as simple as that!


Gregory Hofmann (HC Lugano -> EV Zug)

Gregory Hofmann is the most lethal Swiss forward around. Nothing new. The truth is, however, that in Zug is doing even better than in Lugano!

“Gregu” is currently second placed in the leading scorers table behind Garrett Roe. But in this case too, it’s not only a matter of points scored. What’s impressive the most when it comes to Gregory Hofmann, it’s his determination and his amazing will to win, to improve as a player and to make the difference! At times, he’s even a bit too individualistic and his incredible will to do well leads him to overdo and make some unnecessary mistake… but when it comes to Swiss players capable of scoring goals, there is no one better around. He’s top class, it’s as simple as that.


Dominik Egli (EHC Biel-Bienne -> SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers)

The 21 years old defenseman Dominik Egli is a great talent, nothing new. Not many people, however, thought that he could have such an immediate impact in Rapperswil.

Jeff Tomlinson immediately gave the former Bienne guy a lot of time on ice, rightly so. Dominik Egli is putting an out of the ordinary personality on display for a guy his age, he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to step up and he’s also tallying a lot of points. Rappi added several great players last summer (Cervenka, Rowe, Vukovic, just to name few…). Among all of them, we believe that Dominik Egli deserves a special mention.


Otso Rantakari (Tappara –> HC Davos)

It’s, really, true that every cloud has a silver lining. Let’s take Otso Rantakari for example. The 26 years old Finn joined Davos on the eve of this season in order to replace Magnus Nygren who got injured. And…

And he immediately turned out to be one of the most dominant offensive-defenseman of the National League! He’s a great skater, a power-play master and, overall, he’s quite solid also in the defensive zone. What about that for a “last minute addition”!


Simon Le Coultre (Moncton Wildcats -> Genève Servette HC)

Simon Le Coultre is a young talent that, however, missed good part of last season as he got injured. We mean, we all knew he could do well in Switzerland… but it was hard to imagine that he could immediately make the difference.

And instead, Simon Le Coultre is proving to be one of the best Swiss defensemen around! He’s an offensive defenseman capable of gifting the fans with moments of good hockey, he doesn’t hesitate to take responsibilities and he’s got the right mindset to succeed. Patrick Fischer already call him to represent Switzerland and we’re pretty sure that Simon will become a pillar in every way, for Switzerland and for Servette.

So, guys, this was our TOP 5. Do you agree with us? Of course, many players would deserve to be on the list.

Mattias Tedenby of Davos, who is spectacular. Eric Fehr of Genève Servette, who is improving game after game and is turning out to be a very smart player that, we think, will become an animal during the post-season. Sandro Zurkirchen of Lugano, who had the merciless task of replacing Elvis Merzlikins and he’s doing a terrific job. The ZSC Lions’ coach Rikard Grönborg, who despite the fact he hadn’t coached a club team since the early 2000, he’s been able to bring Zürich back to the top. Same goes for Christian Wohlwend, the new head coach of Davos.

What about other guys who we mentioned already then? Roman Cervenka (pure class) and Daniel Vukovic (rock solid and experiences)? They both helped Rapperswil make a big step forward.

Let us not forget also about the new young goalie of Davos Sandro Aeschlimann, and other players like the new imports of Gottéron.

We mean, so many great players are in our National League and are gifting us with a fantastic season. Yet, now you know what are – in our opinion – the 5 best transfers of this season. Then again, it’s our personal opinion, therefore, it’s questionable. That’s one of the nice things in sport 🙂