Power-play and penalty-killing situations are pivotal in ice hockey. And they’re even more pivotal during the post-season. However, the truth is that teams spent most of the time playing at even-strength. And considering the way that ice hockey is going – zero tolerance and finnish style of play – the teams are overall more and more disciplined.

Moreover, it’s right at even-strength that teams should show how valuable they are.

And so, let’s see which National League teams are the best at even-strength. Let’s take the goals for and goals against on average per game.


Goals for and goals against at even strength

Figures as at 18.11.2019 – In brackets, the current table position in terms of points average per game

The ZSC Lions are the ones with the best goal difference at even strength by far. On average, Rikard Grönborg’s troops score 1.09 goals more than their opponents at even-strength. Meanwhile, the less effective team at even-strength is Ambrì-Piotta. Basically the Leventinesi have a “handicap” of 0.81 goal on average per game at even strength.

Roughly, this table reflects the National League rankings. With few exceptions.

For example, you can see how effective Lausanne are at even strength. In this regard, the Lions Vaudois are the third best team of the league. While currently, they’re only 7th placed in the National League table in terms of points on average per game.

And you can also see that Genève Servette rely too much on their power-play and penalty-killing. The Eagles in fact, are currently 4th placed in the National League table in terms of points average. If we consider only the goals scored and conceded at even-strength, however, Patrick Emond’s troops are only 8th placed.

We mean, it’s quite obvious in which field Lausanne and Genève Servette should improve.

And it’s even more obvious that, when it comes to play even strength, on the one hand the ZSC Lions, Davos and Lausanne can be proud of themselves… while Lugano, Bern, Rapperswil and Ambrì-Piotta just cry. Even though, there is still time to improve things. Or to make things worse, ça va sans dire 🙂