SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers vs HC Fribourg Gottéron 9-4 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!




Rapperswil earned a 9-4 (yep, 9-4!) win against Fribourg Gottéron at the end of a literally crazy game.

It was pretty obvious early on that it would have been a complicated night for the Dragons. After only 7 seconds of play in fact, Rappi took the lead with Kevin Clark in a very particular way (see the images to believe!)… Moreover, each time Gottéron were able to make it a brand new game, things went south.

Let’s take the first period of play for instance, during which Christian Dubé’s guys delivered overall a good performance. Andrey Bykov scored the tying goal alredy in the 4th minute of play, but then Kevin Clark restored Rappi’s lead and finally, shortly before the first break, Killian Mottet scored another tying goal for the visitors.

Let’s take the central period then, that was eventful to say the least. Firstly Andrew Rowe restored the Lakers’ lead for the third time of the night, then Viktor Stalberg scored almost immediately the third tying goal of the night for Fribourg. And we were only 1 minute and 31 seconds into the second third.

Shortly after that, however, the turning point of the game came. Rehak Frantisek scored a fantastic goal – his first NL goal – and restored Rappi’s lead for the fifth (!) time of the night… and from that moment on, everything went south for the visitors. The hosts in fact were on fire, and went 8-3 ahead in the score already before the second break thanks to Dominik Egli (2), Cedric Hächler and Roman Cervenka!

During the early stages of the third period then, Martin Ness rub it in the Dragons’ face and scored the 9th goal of the night for the hosting side. But the 10th goal never came… and in fact, at aboout 5 minutes to the end, Philippe Furrer scored the 4th goal of the night for Gottéron that set the 9-4 final score.

In such nights, we think it’s pointless to talk about performances. Gottéron were decent during the first period but then, frankly speaking, everything went wrong for them. Rappi for their part delivered an impressive performance, they were on fire and earned a win that can be defined as historical!


Rehak Frantisek

We coud pick many players of Rappi… we picked Rehak Frantisek, who scored his first NL career goal. What a fantastic goal by the way, and even crucial too!



INTERVISTA – Andrei Bykov, Frantisek Rehak