Regular Season, playoffs, Swiss Cup… it doesn’t really matter. Bienne, who are by now a big team in the National League, was (is?) a real “bête noire” for Ambrì-Piotta. Especially when they had to face them at the Tissot Arena, an ice rink that as much as it’s beautiful – the visitors sector is fantastic – certainly gave the Leventinesi’s fans a stomachache so many times.

Last night, on Saturday, November 1st, 2019, something has changed though. Ambrì-Piotta in fact, won a game in Bienne again after 123’724’800 seconds… after 2’062’080 minutes… after 34’368 hours… after 1’432 days… or, more precisely, for the first time after December 1st, 2015!

Back then, the Biancoblù’s coach was Hans Kossmann while the Seeländers’ one was Kevin Schläpfer.

Without further ado, let’s relive that game played almost 4 years ago…



Ambrì-Piotta got off to a brillant start and took a 3-goals lead thanks to Alexandre Giroux, Adam Hall (shorthanded goal) and Paolo Duca (!).

Bienne then, always during the first period, were able to score the first goal of the night with Matthias Rossi. And then, during the second third, they made it a brand new game with Daniel Steiner.

During the third period, however, Ambrì-Piotta scored three more goals with Oliver Kamber, Daniele Grassi and Adrien Lauper… while only Mathieu Tschantré was able to put the puck in the net for the hosts.

6-3 the final score. And that was the last time, before last night, that the Biancoblù were able to earn a win against Bienne on the road at the Tissot Arena.


Back then, Igor jelovac was lined-up for Bienne while Jason Fuchs was lined-up for Ambrì-Piotta!


One way or another, times were definitely different then.

Bienne were still only a “wannabe big club”… they finished that regular season at the bottom of the table, they lost the playout final against Langnau and then secured their National League place as Ajoie decided not to play the League Qualification series.

Ambrì-Piotta on the other hand had many ambitions but little realism. They finished that regular season 10th placed and then saved themseleves in the playout. Among the players, as we said, there was the current SD Paolo Duca, who on December 1st, 2015, scored a goal and even added an assist.

The only thing that counts for the Leventinesi, however, is the present. And the present says that, finally, they were able to get back to win in Bienne. It must have been some sort of relief. From Oliver Kamber to Marco Müller… namely, the players who scored the game winning goals in 2015 and in 2019. From Hans Kossmann to Luca Cereda… namely, the former coach and the current coach.

Nowadays, Ambrì-Piotta gained back the love of their supporters also because of performances like the one delivered at the Tissot Arena the other night. A performance made of heart, character and energy. All factors that are Ambrì-Piotta’s trademark. All factors that make the fans enjoy and love the team. All factors that, all together, can make Ambrì-Piotta have yet another great season.

Then again, also Bienne can have a great season. Let’s not beat around the bush, the Seeländers aren’t at the top of their game yet and alternate great performances to other less convincing ones… yet, they’re in the upper part of the table, deservedly so. And as the season goes on, they are expected to improve and go a very long way.

We mean, nowadays times are really different compared to that December 1st, 2015…

All the best for this season, Bienne and Ambrì-Piotta!