7th week – 21.10.2019 – 27.10.2019

Fourteen games played… 4 away wins, 10 home wins… 64 goals scored… This was the last National League week. A week during which we could see teams on fire and teams that, instead, struggle to earn points regardless of their performances. Having said that…

Let’s see our Top & Flop of the week!


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We’re extremely happy about the time change. In fact, in our opinion, the solar time should stay forever. It’s the only real time, after all.

Having said that, Davos are certainly among those who are happy about the fact that the day October 27th lasts one hour more. That way, they have 25 hours to enjoy a fantastic week-end made of two games and two wins. That way, they have 25 hours to enjoy the fact that they’re currently the second best team of the National League in terms of points on average per game.

We mean, from last season’s flop to – at least so far – this season’s top!

We think that this is the best way to describe Davos right now. And to say, the Ibexes haven’t certainly delivered their two best performances of the season this last week…

Firstly they earned a 3-1 home win against Fribourg Gottéron. That was a strange game. Christian Wohlwend’s guys played very well during the first and third periods. Yet, the central period was a negative one… even though it’s probably right during the second third that they won the game. Then, they won against Ambrì-Piotta on the road at the Valascia. Where the performance was perhaps not spectacular but surely was very smart.

Anyway, Davos extended their winning run to 3-games. And overall, they won 6 of their last 8 games.

They did it thanks to performances that were brillant most of the time. The Ibexes in fact, are capable of playing a very fast, modern and enjoyable hockey. They did it thanks to many players who look totally reborn compared to last season. And finally, they did it also thanks to their import players who can seriously make the difference at the key moments of the games!

We mean, guys… what a nice Davos!

Christian Wohlwend and his staff were able to turn last season’s fawns into fantastic Ibexes in a matter of a summer. The Graübunden’s based club worked in a very smart way last summer. The club gave experienced players the chance to bounce back after last season, moreover added a couple of young willing guys. Without forgetting that the choice of the imports has been a success. Including the one of the last addition Otso Rantakari, who joined Davos in order to replace Magnus Nygren (injured) and immediately turned out to be one of the best imports of the league!

Again… from flop to top. Welcome back, Hockey Club Davos.

Then again, you may wonder if Davos were advantaged by the schedule. Considering that this last week-end they played their first back-to-back games after over one month.

Only time though, will tell what Davos can really achieve this season. And so, for now, dear Ibexes, enjoy this Sunday that lasts 25 hours!


Sandro Zurkirchen (HC Lugano)

Let’s face it, when Sandro Zurkirchen was officially announced as Elvis Merzlikins successor… many fans in Lugano were disapponted. Moreover, the performances delivered by the former Lions Vaudois during summer’s friendlies weren’t very encouraging.

Sandro, anyway, proved to have some real mental strength. He bounced back after the poor performances delivered during the pre-season and has been improving game after game. To the point to become one of Lugano’s strengths!

His latest performances were brillant, and not only because his saving percentage is now 91.4%. In fact, Sandro Zurkirchen is proving capable of making the right saves at the right time. On a few occasions – just like during the last game against Zug – he was able to make Lugano stay in the game at difficult times. On other occasions instead, he was able to stay focused even when not very busy.

This last week Lugano played only one game, but what a game! A game that turned into a great win against Zug. A win that came also thanks to the brillant performance delivered by Sandro, who firstly had the courage to replace an idol like Elvis Merzlikins… then he got himself through some hard times, and finally is turning out to be an excellent goalie!

Great job, Sandro. Keep it up!

Mark Arcobello (SC Bern)

Let us not beat around the bush… Mark Arcobello will be a huge loss for Bern and a great addition for Lugano. Nevertheless, there is no denying that – starting from the official announcement of his transfer – Mark’s performances weren’t top notch.

Until this last week, of course… during which he tallied 7 points (4 goals, 3 assists) in three games!

The point is, that points weren’t everything. The truth is that Bern are currently struggling to earn positive results. But Mark, this last week, made it clear that he’s ready to do everything it takes to help Bern all the way to the end. Regardless of the level of his performances in fact, Mark Arcobello came back being the man always in the right place at the right time.

The man capable of making the difference out of nowhere. The man capable of scoring crucial goals. The man capable of helping the team at the key moments of the games. The man Bern need in order to get out of the hibernation mode.

Yep, Mark Arcobello is back after a couple of weeks of “break”. He came back in style! And in Bern – just like in Lugano when it comes to the future… – fans are just happy about it!

Toni Rajala (EHC Biel-Bienne)

Toni “on fire” Rajala is on fire… the Seeländers’ forward is just impressive. He’s seriously a player capable of making the difference in every way. Also, and above all, at the key moments of the games. That’s what makes him an absolute star!

Frankly speaking we don’t even remember his jersey number… that’s because he always wears the Top Scorer jersey.

This last week, firstly he scored a goal in Rapperswil… where Bienne wasted a 3-goals lead and suffered a painful 5-3 defeat at the end of a game that seemed over until shortly before the second break. Then, on Friday night against Bern, he delivered an excellent performance enriched with two goals. Including the last one, a hammer that came at 17 seconds to the end of the game (!) and earned Bienne the win against the Bears!

There aren’t many players around, in Switzerland but also in Europe, who are real top class snipers. Among them though, there is certainly Toni Rajala… the “blondie” who came from Finland and is making the whole Seeland dream.

We mean, Toni Rajala is “on fire”… nothing new, after all!


Transfer of the year… Garrett Roe (ZSC Lions)

It’s way too early to draw any conclusion… we’re only at the end of October, after all. Yet, for what we’ve seen so far, Garrett Roe is to be considered the transfer of the year!

Zug reinforced themselves a lot, yet the ZSC Lions’ fans may seriously wonder how come that the Bulls let this American forward go. The ZSC Lions got off to a brillant start of the season, and one of the reasons for that is represented by the fantastic performances delivered by their Top Scorer Garrett Roe.

A player who is making the Zürich fans salivating!

The goal of the year? … Kevin Clark (SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers)

Rapperswil earned an unbelievable comeback win against Bienne in front of their fans on Tuesday night.

Kevin Clark certainly did his job thanks to two goals. Including the second one, the one that turned out to be the game winning goal, that was a pure joy to watch. It’s pointless to add anything… without further ado, just watch the video. Was it the goal of the year? To date, certainly yes!


HC Ambrì-Piotta

You may say: all the efforts for nothing…

Ambrì-Piotta delivered three good performances this last week, made of character… of determination… of capability of creating even clear scoring chances… then, however, if you aren’t able to put the puck in the net – or you’re not doing it frequently – the truth is that you can say “all the efforts for nothing.

Luca Cereda’s guys are trying their hardest, yet apparently they have some huge problem when it comes to turn the good performances into wins.

One thing is sure, if they keep it up… the positive results will come. Perhaps also thanks to the comeback of the many injured players. And we’re talking about key players here.

Currently, however, the truth is that the Leventinesi lost all their three games of last week. And the truth is  also that, always currently, the Leventinesi are the ones who earned the fewest points on average per game in the National League.

It might be an accident… it might be only a matter of time… it might be also some bad luck… it might be, in fact, a problem linked to all the injuries…

But all these extenuating circumstances, aren’t enough for us when it comes to name – thanklessly – the disappointment of the week.

One thing is sure though: the Biancoblù need to keep it up. The results will come. The wheels turn, after all.

Up and at them, Ambrì-Piotta!