June 14th, 2019, was a happy day for Swiss ice hockey passionates… that’s because, in fact, we can officially start to think about next season as the league published the 2019-20 schedule!

Let’s get down immediately to the details of the first Game Day that it’s schedule for Friday 13th, 2019!


HC Ambrì-Piotta vs EV Zug

SC Bern vs SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

EHC Biel-Bienne vs HC Fribourg Gottéron

HC Lugano vs Lausanne HC

SCL Tigers vs Genève Servette HC

ZSC Lions vs HC Davos

What about that for a start! Then, however… the trouble starts.

On Saturday 14th, 2019, only three games are scheduled. Hence, already starting from Game Day 2 the teams will have a different number of games played. The only teams who will play on Saturday night are:


Genève Servette HC vs EHC Biel-Bienne

SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers vs HC Ambrì-Piotta

EV Zug vs ZSC Lions

It’s annoying… but let’s move on… Nowadays, it’s very rare that teams play the same number of games before the last few games of the Regular Season. And “who cares” if that way the table is unreadable almost until the end.

Over the next few days, we’ll analyze the schedule team per team. Today instead, we want to point out few nonsenses. Let’s see…


The first nonsense will happen almost immediately. On Friday 20th of September, Genève Servette will play away against Ambrì-Piotta. And the next day, on Saturday 21st of September, they will host Bern at Les Vernets…


Once again Genève Servette is involved right the following weekend. On Friday 27th of September, the Eagles will play on the road in Lugano. The next day then, on Saturday 28th of September, they will host Fribourg Gottéron… to note that Fribourg Gottéron will be fresh as they have no game scheduled on Friday night.


There is no peace for Genève Servete… who will be forced to “work overtime” also for a third consecutive weekend. The Eagles in fact, will play Rapperswil on the road on Friday 4th of October… while the next day, on Saturday 5th of October, they will host Davos… to note that Davos will be fresh as they have no game scheduled on Friday night!


The next team who will have a nonsense weekend is Lugano. In this case, we think we’re crossing the line… In fact, the Bianconeri will host Fribourg Gottéron on Saturday 12th of October. And then, less than 24 hours later, on Sunday 13th of October, they will play Lausanne on the road!


Another Ticino’s based team… another problem. The Biancoblù in fact, will play Genève Servette on the road on Friday 25th of October. The following evening then, on Saturday 26th of October, they will host Davos at the Valascia.

And we could continue. It’s clear that, willy-nilly, there are teams that are penalized because of their geographical position and no one is helping them.

Ice hockey has reached such a level of intensity that we feel like, once again, stressing that to play two games within 24 hours – or less… – it’s a ticking bomb and a real danger for the athletes’ safety. And if, moreover, the scheudle is nonsense…

In our opinion, as you all know, if you really want to protect the players and their body (and if you want to have a great show every night), the only way is to play games the whole season just like during the playoffs… that is, on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. Alternatively, if there is someone who thinks that fans would be penalized, sometimes you could play games on Tuesday-Friday-Sunday (even though, personally, we’re not big fans of Sunday noon’s games).

Sure, we’re aware that it’s impossible to please everyone. And we’re also aware of the fact that few teams – in particular Davos, Lugano, Ambrì-Piotta and Genève Servette – are unlucky because of their geographical position. Moreover, this season there are more problems… just like the one that for example forces Fribourg Gottéron to play on the road all their games of September because of works at the Arena.

But we think that some common sense wouldn’t hurt. For example, you can avoid making Genève Servette play on Friday night in Ticino and then on Saturday night at Les Vernets… for example, you can avoid making Lugano play on Saturday night at home and then on SUNDAY afternoon in Lausanne. And so on.

Let us not forget that the players, as much as privileged they are… they’re not machines.

Maybe one day a way will be found to please everyone. And then who knows, perhaps that day we’ll find another reason to complain 🙂 That’s the way we are, after all. We humans are always polemical by nature.

Anyway, having said that… we just can’t wait for Friday 13th of September… there are only approximately three months to go. Come on guys, we stand strong. Ice hockey is about to come back! We f*** miss it… and you?!

Enjoy summer 🙂

And if you want to kill some time… here is the link to the full schedule of the 2019-20 National League season!