Daniel Brodin – Best hits and fights of Gottéron’s new import player!


One of Fribourg Gottéron’s problems last season, was the lack of players who could, from time to time, take the gloves off… even if only in order to change some unfavourable momentum.

Mark French’s guys were always committed, at times though, committment isn’t enough. You need to be able to play fair but tough. And in this regard, we think it’s safe to say the Dragons found someone who can help them.

We talked yesterday about Daniel Brodin, the new import at Mark French’s disposal. And we stressed – also thanks to the help of Mattias Ek of “hockeynews.se” – that the Swedish forward is a player who loves to play physical. Great!

In this regard, we want to share with you a video created by one of our followers who kindly contacted us. So here is…


The video was made by “The Last Frontier“. We warmly suggest you to follow his “YouTube” channel that is full of precious gems!

We mean… Fribourg Gottéron’s opponents, watch out.

Daniel Brodin looks like a… straight shooter! Surely, he can get some respect for himself. We mean, Daniel will give the tough players in our National League a good run for their money 🙂

At this point, we think it’s importat to stress that we’re not into violent hockey. We hate cheap hits, especially those that aim at the heads of the players. At the same time, however, ice hockey is a sport for real tough men!

One of the reasons why we love this fantastic sport, it’s also because – in general, with few exceptions – there is the right dose of physical play that makes games spectacular. And players like Daniel Brodin, in this regard, bring in that “little something extra” that makes the fans cheer.

Let us not forget, moreover, that a fight can really help a team turn things around when the momentum in unfavourable. At times, especially considering how important the mental factor is in professional sport nowadays, a simple fight can seriously play a key role.

Moreover, and finally, still talking about Daniel Brodin… not only does this guy stand up for himself, but as we had the chance to write in his portrait, he’s also a very precious and valuable player. And a one who knows how to make his fans love him.

And then, if you have not already done so, read our presentation of this player. It’s worth it!

We’re sure about one thing anyway… the fans in Fribourg will love Daniel!

Daniel Brodin – Let’s get to know more about the new “energetic” player of Fribourg Gottéron!