Our “Top & Flop” are always very followed… and as we promised, we proposed you this column until the moment four teams were still involved. That is, until the semifinals game-5.

Therefore, today we want to recap all our “Top & Flop”… which teams were our “Top” more often? Which players were among our “Three stars of the week” more often? Which teams instead, were our “Disappointment” more often? You’re about to see.

Before in fact, we use this opportunity to remind you that our “Top” teams, our “3 stars” and our “Disappointments”, are always based on our personal opinion.

We choose the teams and players when they do something special in our view. We mean, not necessarily we reward the best teams and the best players of all… but those who, in our opinion, performed well and the value of their performances is also symbolic!

Let’s see then which are the teams who we’ve been naming more often “TOP” throughout this 2018-19 season…


Bienne are the ones we named “TOP” the most… 6 times! We think it’s the right reward for the excellent season the Seeländers had. Who, we should point out, got off to an impressive start of the Regular Season and were at the top of the National League table for most of Autumn… then they had several ups and downs but finally they were excellent during playoffs. And there goes why we named Antti Törmänen’s troops so many times.

To follow, there are two teams we named 5 times… we’re talking about Langnau and Zug.

The Tigers had an outstanding season. It was tought on the eve of the season that they would fight with Rapperswil to avoid the bottom of the table position… and instead, they went close to get rid of Lausanne at the quarterfinal stages!

The Bulls for their part are now playing the playoffs final and are arguably the ones who play the most entertaining hockey of the league. It was therefore not an accident that we named them several times.

There are then three teams we named 3 times. The other finalist Bern, Fribourg Gottéron, Lausanne, Genève Servette and Ambrì-Piotta.

The Bears had an excellent season, they finished it at the top of the table but, frankly speaking, they rarely impressed in terms of performances. Many of you then might be surprised that we named Gottéron three times… but let us not forget that Mark French’s troops had an excellent first part of the season.

Lausanne and Genève Servette on the other hand are two teams who made the playoffs… the Lions Vaudois had a terrific season in terms of results. The Eagles for their part had several ups and downs but, most and above all, were impressive during the last part of the season.

There is then Ambrì-Piotta. Luca Cereda’s troops have been good throughout the whole season… and also they were – like Langnau – meant to fight with Rapperswil to avoid the bottom of the table position. It didn’t go like that, did it?

Finally, we also named Lugano once. Overall the Bianconeri had a disappointing season but not a catastrophic one. We mean, they deserved a mention too.

To note that ZSC Lions, Davos and Rapperswil are the only ones who’ve never been our “TOP”… It’s no accident.

Let’s have a look now which players were the most time among our “three stars”…


Leonardo Genoni, Toni Rajala… and the two coaches of Langnau and Zug – Heinz Ehlers and Dan Tangnes – are the ones who ended up most of the time among our three stars. Are you really surprised about that?

Leonardo Genoni oftentimes was impressive for Bern. Toni “on fire” Rajala… well, the nickname says it all. He’s been on fire throughout the whole season and he’s one of the most spectacular forwards of the league. What about the two coaches of Tigers and Bulls then? They both did an extraordinary job!

There are then five players we named three times. We’re talking about Dominik Kubalik, Mark Arcobello, Harri Pesonen, Gregory Hofmann and the coach of Ambrì-Piotta Luca Cereda.

Also in this case… anyone surprised? Dominik Kubalik is among the best import players we’ve seen in years. Mark Arcobello might not always be spactacular… but he’s always in the right place at the right time. Harri Pesonen for his part had an impressive season… and to say, many of Langnau’s fans raised their eyebrows on the eve of this season when he was signed. Gregory Hofmann was the most devastating Swiss forward around. And finally, Luca Cereda deserves a big round of applause just like Dan Tangnes and Heinz Ehlers.

Overall, we’ve been naming 64 players in our “three stars” over the arc of the 2018-19 season. You can find the full list at the following link that will redirect you to a PDF file.


Finally, let’s see which teams we named the most our “Disappointment”. In this case, we took only the Regular Season data into consideration.


Davos and Rapperswil were named the most “Disappointment”. Also in this case, no surprise.

The Ibexes had one of the worst season of their history… they improved only during the last part of the Regular Season and even won the playout final. But their results were very disappointing all in all.

With regard to Rapperswil instead, we admit it… sometimes we felt guilty when we named them “Disappointment”. We mean, it was something like shooting a fish in a barrell… then again, it’s safe to say that they’ve been disappointing throughout the whole season in terms of results.

Lugano and Fribourg Gottéron then follow with three “Disappointment” each…

About Lugano… There is no denying that, in terms of results, expectations were different. The Bianconeri finished the Regular Season 7th placed… but most and above all, it took only 4 games to Zug to get rid of them at the quarterfinals stage.

The Dragons for their part, as we’ve outlined already before, got off to an excellent start of the season and then collapsed… we mean, they were the most “crazy” team of the 2018-19 season. Also for us… suffice it to say that 3 times they were the “Top” team and 3 times they were the “Disappointment”.

Genève Servette instead were our “Disappointment” only twice. While Ambrì-Piotta, ZSC Lions, Lausanne, Langnau and Bienne were our “Disappointment” only once. We’re actually surprised that we named the ZSC Lions – the title holders forced to play the Ranking Round – only once 🙂

To note that the only two teams who were never our “Disappointment” were… Bern and Zug. The two finalists…

We mean guys, in our opinion, we’ve been correct and honest throughout the whole season. What do you think? 🙂

See you soon!

Damiano Cansani, Barbara Kurdziel