Bern and Zug will face each other starting from tonight in order to establish the 2019 Swiss Champions!

It was the most anticipated final, the one between the first and the second best teams of the Regular Season. The Bears made it to the final after two real battles against Genève Servette (4-2) and Bienne (4-3). The Bulls on the other hand, had an easier road to the final as they got rid very fast of Lugnao (4-0) and Lausanne (4-1).

Anyway, starting from tonight, all eyes of ice hockey passionate will be on Bern and Zug. It’s no longer time to joke… from now, you pay a high price for any mistake. From now, you just play to win. From now, your only target is to lift that darn trophy! So, are you ready?

Ahead of the final, we wanted to comb through some facts and trivia concerning these two teams when they face each other in the playoffs.

Bears and Bulls have been facing each other 10 times during playoffs so far. 5 times at the Quarterfinals stage, 3 times at the Semifinals stage and 2 times in the Final. Therefore, tonight a third Final between Bern and Zug will start.

During playoffs, Bears and Bulls faced each other a total of 51 times. Let’s have a look at the results…

Bern won 7 series out of 10 against Zug. To note, moreover, that the only three times Zug won the series, it happened at the Quarterfinals stage.

Let’s see some more facts…


Game-2 – 2013 Semifinals

EV Zug vs SC Bern 8-2

Zug won Game-2 of the 2013 Semifinals thanks to the goals scored by Nolan Diem, Josh Holden (2), Fabian Sutter (2), Andy Wozniewski, Lino Martschini and Björn Christen. On the other hand, Geoff Kinrade and Joël Vermin scored for the Bears. To note that the win didn’t really help Zug… since Bern won 4-3 overall the series and then went to win the title against Fribourg Gottéron in the final.


Game-2 – 2007 Semifinals

EV Zug vs SC Bern 0-1

It was Game-2 of the 2007 Semifinals. Eric Landry scored the only goal of the night… curiously enough, Eric had started the 2006-07 with Basel but then transferred to Bern during the season. To note, that the Bears won 4-1 overall the 2007 Semifinals. And to note, moreover, that Marco Bührer earned as many as 4 shutouts in the series!

Well, the past is the past. Starting from tonight, everything will start from scratch. Bern want to win the title again after a year of break… Zug want to win a title again after over 20 years.

The Bears look the favourites on paper, even if only because they’re more experienced and because they have an impressive winning mindset. But there are no favourites when a final starts. The Bulls instead, want revenge for the 2017 final and want to win a playoffs series against Bern for the first time after 2009, when they won overall 4-1 at the Quarterfinals stage!

Game-1 of the 2019 Final is scheduled for tonight, April 11th, 2019. And in this regard, we have one last trivia for you… It’s not gonna be the first time Bern and Zug face each other on April 11th. It happened also exactly two years ago. It was April 11th, 2017, when Bears and Bulls faced each other at the PostFinance Arena for Game-3 of the 2017 Playoffs Final. The final score? A 2-1 overtime win for Zug!

Andrew Ebbett gave the lead to Bern during the first period. At 5 minutes to the end, however, Lino Martschini equalized for Zug and then, 4 minutes and 15 seconds into the overtime period, Reto Suri earned the win for the Bulls!

Finally… here is the “playoffs intro” video of Bern and the “Game-1 of the final intro video” of Zug.

Well, that’s it… it’s now or never. Good luck Bears and Bulls!