SC Bern vs EHC Biel-Bienne 4-3

Bern won 4-3 the semifinal against Bienne! It’s been a very intense series. The momentum was firstly on the Seeländers’ favour, then in the Bears’ favour, then again in the Seeländers’ favour and then again in the Bears’ favour… Finally though, Bern’s experience made the difference. Especially during the “do or die” game-7.


SC Bern – EHC Biel-Bienne 2-4

EHC Biel-Bienne – SC Bern 3-2 (OT)

SC Bern – EHC Biel-Bienne 6-2

EHC Biel-Bienne – SC Bern 2-5

SC Bern – EHC Biel-Bienne 0-2

EHC Biel-Bienne – SC Bern 0-1

SC Bern – EHC Biel-Bienne 5-1


8 points – Andrew Ebbett (1G, 7A)


Leonardo Genoni (SC Bern)

Leonardo Genoni has been delivering great performances throughout the whole semifinal. Most and above all, however, he delivered the perfect performance in game-6 in Bienne. In that case, we think it’s safe to say that Leonardo Genoni “stole” the game… and to “steal games” it’s something that only the greatest goalies can do. Leonardo Genoni is impressive and his performances are a confidence booster for the whole team.


Antti Törmänen (Coach, EHC Biel-Bienne)

Bien had some terrific playoffs and stood up to Bern during the semifinal. Actually, at times – and especially when the teams were playing even strength – they were even the better side. Forget (for a while…) the power-play… but the Seeländers are going on holiday with their heads held very high. They seriously gave their fans something to dream about. For that, we reward symbolically the coach Antti Törmänen.


Bern’s experience

Bern went 0-2 behind in the series… and were able to come back to 2-2. Then they lost the fifth game and on the eve of game-6 were up against the wall… but were able to win again in Bienne and then win also game-7 in front of their fans. The Bears proved to have some real character and to be more experienced. The latter factor made the difference when it really mattered, that is during game-7.


When the two teams were playing even strength, oftentimes Bienne were the most dangerous side. During playoffs, however, it’s essential to have an effective power-play… and in this regard, one of the main reasons why the Seeländers lost the semifinal is their lack of efficiency during power-play situation. Bern on the other hand, were much more effective and this made the difference.


Face-offs are always a potentially pivotal play in ice hockey. Both at the key moments and during power-play situations. Bern won 58.5% of face-offs and this made a huge difference… Bienne haven’t been effective at face-offs throuhgout the whole season and things haven’t changed during the semifinal.



Bienne had the chance to write history in front of their fans. Bern were up against the wall. Yet, the Bears won the game… they could count on Leonardo “the wall” Genoni and overall have been able to master better their emotions.


Goals For & Goals Against

Bern obviously scored more than Bienne. It’s interesting to note that the Bears scored a lot during the first periods and also during the last 10 minutes of play of the games. Another interesting data, is that Bern won 3 of their 4 games quite easily (6-2, 5-2, 1-0, 5-1) while Bienne were never able to kill the games (4-2, 3-2, 2-0).

Shots & Shots Against

When it comes to shot, the semifinal was extremely balanced. To note, however, that Bienne shot less as the games went on… and that Bern shot less than Bienn only during the first periods of play.

Scoring & Saving percentage

Both Leonardo Genoni and Jonas Hiller “stole” a game… overall, however, Bern have been more accurate in front of the net throughout the semifinal series. This was certainly a key factore.

Power-play & Penalty-killing

As we outlined before, the power-play is among the main reasons why it’s gonna be Bern to face Zug in the final starting from Thursday night. The Bears’ power-play was not always nice to watch… but they were able to put the puck in the net and that’s all that matters. The Seeländers on the other hand, must seriously improve their power-play next season.


And in the end, the favourites Bern made it to the final! But it wasn’t a walk in the park for the Bears… be it because Bienne turned out to be a tough nut to crack, and be it also because the Bears looked emotionless at times. Bern’s character and experience made the difference though. And now, there is Zug to face in the final. A final that Jalonen’s troops will play as “favourites”… even if only because they finished the Regular Season at the top of the table and because they’re more used to win! Good luck!

On holiday with their heads held high. Here’s the first thing that comes to our mind when it comes to Bienne. The Seeländers played a terrific semifinal and went so close – and yet so far… – from reaching a historical final. Right now, we’re pretty sure that the whole club and the fans feel that it was a lost opportunity (especially for game-6…). But as the day passes, the disappointment must turn into pride for a fantastic season. Bienne put Bern into some real trouble and it’s even safe to say that they were better when the two teams played even strength. A very poor power-play, however, together with some unforced errors and lack of experience, made the difference.