Few facts ahead of the most important “Bern – Biel-Bienne” derby of the playoffs era!


On Tuesday April 9th, 2019, Bern and Bienne will face each other for game-7 of the semifinal series at the PostFinance Arena. It’s not gonna be a suitable game for the faint of heart… it’s gonna be a battle between two huge rivals!

On the one hand, the “favourite” Bern, one of the most titled teams in Switzerland. On the other one, the “ambitious” Bienne, arguably the club who’s doing the best work considering the means at its disposal in recent years.

The Bears have been able to win game-6 in Bienne and therefore earned the right to play game-7. They looked up against the wall but instead got back up thanks to some real character and an impressive Leonardo Genoni. The Seeländers probably “wasted” a lifetime opportunity to write history in front of their own fans… but they’re a real Team capable of anything. Including capable of winning for the third time at the PostFinance Arena in this semifinal.

But who’s the favourite to make it to the final? There are no favourites!

Well, let’s try to let off steam on the eve of this game. We wanted to propose you some trivia on the eve of this fierce derby that will be a “do or die” one!

GARA-7 / GARA-5 – Partite decisive, come sono messe Berna e Bienne?

GAME-7 / GAME-5 – Do or die games, how are Bern and Bienne doing?

Bern and Bienne haven’t played a “Game-7” since the playoffs of 2015. Curiously enough, they played it at the same time even though against different opponents.

We’re talking about the playoffs quarterfinals of the 2014-15 season, when Bern played “Game-7” against Lausanne and won it. At the same time, Bienne played “Game-7” against Zürich and lost it. Overall, however, how did things go when Bears and Seeländers played a “do or die” game? Let’s find out…

Bern played 10 times a crucial “Game-7” and 5 times (until the end of the 90s) a crucial “Game-5” in their history. They won 8 times… therefore, they won the 53.3% of “do or die” games. The last time the Bears played a “Game-7” goes back, as we said, to the 2014-15 season when they won against Lausanne. To note that Bern won all their last three “Game-7” played against Lausanne, Zug and Genève Servette.

The last time Bern suffered a defeat in a “Game-7”, goes back to the 2012 playoffs when they lost against the ZSC Lions.

Bienne played only 2 times a “Game-7” in their history and they are not good memories anyway. As we said, the Seeländers lost “Game-7” against the ZSC Lions back in 2015. Moreover, they lost “Game-7” also against Fribourg Gottéron back in 2013.

THE HOME ADVANTAGE – how important it is when Bern and Bienne face each other during playoffs?

When Bern and Bienne face each other during playoffs, the home advantage is not really an advantage, after all. In history in fact, Bears and Seeländers have been facing each other 17 times so far… and only 7 times the home side won. We mean, that’s less than 50%!

Bern won 7 times out of 8 on the road in Bienne. Bienne for their part, won 4 times out of 9 on the road in Bern, including twice during this semifinal.

Let us not forget, moreover, that Bern and Bienne faced each other also in the 2014 post-season when they missed the playoffs and were forced to play the Ranking Round… the two games, ended with two away wins.

So, to sum up, Bears and Seeländers faced each other 19 times during the post-sesason… and 58% of the times, the away side prevailed!



Quarterfinal (Best-of-three)SC Bern vs EHC Biel-Bienne 2-0


Semifinal (Best-of-five)SC Bern vs EHC Biel-Bienne 3-1


Quarterfinal (Best-of-seven)SC Bern vs EHC Biel-Bienne 4-1


Semifinal (Best-of-seven)SC Bern vs EHC Biel-Bienne ?-?


Updated to: 2016-17 season

To note that, three times out of three, when Bern faced Bienne during playoffs, they made it to the final. And in two cases – in 1989 and 2017 – they were crowned Swiss Champions thanks to the wins against Lugano and Zug!

Well, we just can’t wait for this darn first puck drop of this derby that we can even call the most important since the introduction of the playoffs!

Bern looked the favourites but, as we said, this is gonna be a “do or die” game therefore there are no favourites. Bienne, moreover, already proved capable of getting back up after a defeat and already won two times at the PostFinance Arena in this semifinal.

We’re eagerly awaiting the game! And what about you… are you ready?!

Good luck, SC Bern and EHC Biel-Bienne!

Finally, to heat things up, here is Bern’s video intro for the playoffs and Bienne’s video intro for the semifinal!