It’s semifinals time in the National League, four teams are battling to earn the final that will be played during the month of April and that will establish who the 2018-19 Swiss Champions will be!

Bern, Zug, Lausanne, Biel-Bienne… the teams are ready! You are ready! We’re also ready… we will follow this exciting last part of the season together!

But it’s also time to save your season… We mean, of course we are not going to forget Davos and Rapperswil, who are playing that series no one wants to play that will establish who can go on holiday and who, instead, will have to face the Swiss League Champions in the League Qualification series!

As usual, we will propose you in-depth pieces, analysis, statistics, trivias… all the contents are original and objective as always. But also personals and therefore also questionable as always.

Meanwhile, if you’ve missed them, here are our semifinals previews!