EV Zug – Lausanne HC 5-0 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!


EV Zug – Lausanne HC 5-0

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


Perfection doesn’t happen in ice hockey… but Zug went very close to that last night during game-3 of the playoffs semifinal against Lausanne. The Bulls delivered an astonishing performance, they earned a 5-0 win and therefore went 2-1 ahead overall in the series!

It’s safe to say that for Lausanne there was never a chance. It’s as simple as that. The Lions Vaudois were not maybe not at the top of their game, but there was really no deal to make against this Zug. Point.

Dan Tangnes’ troops literally outplayed Lausanne during the first 40 minutes and they even played some very entertaining hockey. This allowed them to take a 4-goals lead thanks to the two power-play goals scored by Lino Martschini and Garrett Roe during the first period… and thanks to the two other ones scored by Reto Suri and Johan Morant during the central period!

At that point, the game was over. Zug mostly though about handling the situation during the third period, even though they didn’t disdain to play sometimes in the offensive zone too… like in the 44th minute of play, when Dario Simion scored during a power-play situation and set the 5-0 final score.

What else can we say? Congrats, Bulls!


Dan Tangnes (Coach, EV Zug)

Zug’s performance flirted with perfection… therefore, symbolically, we reward coach Dan Tangnes!