After each game, until when at least 4 teams are playing, we propose you our “Top & Flop” special version for the playoffs.

Our “Team on Fire”, our “Three Stars”, our “Special Mentions”, our “Surprises” and our “Disappointment”. As it is always the case, among the three stars we won’t include only the players who performed the best… but those that in our opinion, one way or another, have made their mark,

THE TEAM “ON FIRE”Risultati immagini per fire gif png

Bienne are our team “on fire” and it could not be otherwise!

What the Seeländers did in Bern during game-1 of the playoffs semifinal is outstanding, it’s as simple as that. They literally outplayed the Bears in their own den, especially during the first half-an-hour, and proved to be totally in “playoffs mode”.

Perhaps the only fly in the ointment of the night was the inability to kill the game when Bern looked like a dazed boxer boxed into a corner after a round spent getting slapped. Overall though, at the PostFinance Arena, Antti Törmänen’s troops delivered a real team performance that bodes very well for the future.

Just to say… Jonas Hiller is like a wall in front of the net. The defensemen are rock solid and, some of them, even resourceful. In the offensive zone then, a part of course Toni “on fire” Rajala, Bienne are able to put the opponents under huge pressure and are most of the time unpredictable.

We mean, what about that for a game-1 of the playoffs semifinal!

It’s been a game the team played as a Team, with a capital T. A game very well prepared. In fact, for long stretches of the game, the Seeländers looked the only ones in playoffs mode.

And now game-2 is up next… we’re pretty sure the fans can’t wait for Thursday night!


Dominic Lammer (EV Zug)

It took a while to Zug to reenter the playoffs mode. Understandably so. Moreover, it must be said, it’s darn complicated to play against Lausanne… the Lions Vaudois are able to drive you nuts with their Finnish defensive style.

It’s right in such a context, however, that a player like Dominic Lammer can make the difference!

He scored a “particular” goal… most and above all though, he’s been able to be a pain in the neck to Lausanne throughout the whole game thanks to his speed. This is his last season in Zug before he moves to Lugano… it looks like Dominic wants to leave the Swiss Centrals in style!

Toni Rajala (EHC Biel-Bienne)

Toni Rajala is on fire… nothing new, after all.

During game-1 in Bern he scored twice and he even had enough chances to score a fantastic hat-trick. Especially his second goal is a must see… a pure hammer that flew like a rocket into the back of the net leaving no chances to Leonardo Genoni.

Moreover, not “only” does Toni score points… but he’s a loose cannon. He’s like a “pimple on the opponents’ a** ”  thanks to his technical skills, his vision, his shot and his speed. We mean, he’s a player every National League team would need!

Leonardo Genoni (SC Bern)

Bern aren’t yet in playoffs mode. It’s true that Bienne were impressive during game-1… but once again the Bears looked unable to increase their level of play and this time, moreover, made even countless defensive mistakes.

Leonardo Genoni wasn’t able to do a “big save”… overall, however, he’s among the few players of Bern who are in-form. And also during game-1 of the playoffs semifinal, he was able one way or another to keep the team afloat.

Currently Leonardo Genoni is crucial for the Bears. In anticipation that this team can kick start its playoffs for real starting from Thursday night… it’s about time, right? It’s gonna be game-2 of the playoffs semifinal, after all.


“Finnish” hockey style

“Finnish” hockey style may even pay off in terms of results… yet guys, it’s boring as hell. In our opinion this kind of hockey, which is based on the 3-2 formation (we’ll talk about that in an article in the near future) seriously takes away a lot of entertainment during the playoffs.

Bern and Lausanne are the two teams who follow this system of play to the letter and are – always in our humble opinion – way too stubborn. We mean, they almost look emotionless.

Also Bienne have a Finnish coach… but for what we can see, Antti Törmänen gives his players much more freedom especially in the offensive zone. And this, apparently, pays off even more.

Anyway, to conclude… give us back some show 🙂


Jesse Zgraggen (EV Zug)

Jesse Zgreggen is a solid defensive defenseman and he’s a precious player at Dan Tangnes’ disposal.

Then again, he’s certainly not a scoring machine… that’s not his role.

However, during game-1 of the playoffs semifinals, Jesse Zgraggen scored the second goal for the Bulls. A goals that  then turned out to be the game winning goal! It was his first goal scored for Zug this season… what a perfect timing!


Lausanne HC

We start from the end… it’s been common practice since years that the two teams’ players don’t shake hands until the end of the series. What Lausanne did last night at the Bossard Arena though was something not nice…

The Lions Vaudois in fact, went to thank their fans for the support and left the ice already before the end of the award ceremony of the two best players on ice. That’s a lack of respect.

Having said that, this episode followed a snooze-festival performance. We were expecting Lausanne to be “on fire” after their win against Langnau… but the Lions Vaudois apparentely forgot their claws in the Canton Vaud.

The series is not over and anything can change very fast… But come on Lions… roar… get your claws out… show some emotions… we mean, free yourselves from the cage!

Up and at them!