SC Bern – Genève Servette HC 4-2

After 6 epics and often endless battles… Bern made it to the semifinals thanks to the overall 4-2 win in this series against a commendable Genève Servette! On paper, and again, on paper, this quarterfinal series was supposed to be some sort of walk in the park for the Mutzen… and instead, even though they won, the Eagles sold their lives dearly and ended the playoffs with their heads held high!


7 points – Tanner Richard (0G, 7A)


Daniele Grassi (SC Bern)

Mark Arcobello scored 3 goals including 2 that were absolutely crucial… and including also the one that earned Bern the semifinals. The nicest surprise of this series, however, was Daniele Grassi who even had the honour of being the team’s Top Scorer during game-6. Daniele entered immediately the playoffs mode and, thanks to his points, energy and determination, he took a lot off Bern’s plate during this series.


Chris McSorley (Coach, Genève Servette HC)

There is not enough space to reward all the players of Genève Servette, therefore we reward simbolically the coach who’s been able to prepare this Team – with a capital T – perfectly for this quarterfinal series that looked prohibitive on paper. Chris did it again… he created a tight-knit group ready for anything and that went beyond the limits. It wasn’t enough to win the series… but it was enough to earn the respect of all the fans in Switzerland. That’s not nothing.


The home advantage

All the first four games of the series ended with the away side who prevailed. Then, however, Bern were able to win game-5 at the PostFinance Arena and that win – finally – was the only home win of this quarterfinal. A win that, in the end, made the difference.

Overtime periods

Four games out of six lasted more than 60 minutes. One time the second overtime period was required and one time the third overtime period was required to establish the winner. And to sum up, 3 times out of 4 Bern prevailed. That’s also something that made the difference.

Genève Servette’s real character

Great praise is due to Genève Servette’s character if this series was epic and exciting. Chris McSorley’s guys were commendable for fighting spirit and commitment. They were able to make three comebacks when they were 2 goals behind… unfortunately for them, only once it was enough to go and win the game. But what Genève Servette put on display in terms of character, it’s really what ice hockey is all about.


Minute 117:43 – Game-6

Obviously, the key moment was Mark Arcobello’s goal that earned Bern the semifinal after 117 minutes and 43 seconds of game-6. Anything could have happened in this series. When it looked like Bern had the games – and the series – under control, Genève Servette always found the way to bounce back. When it looked like Genève Servette had the momentum in their favour, Bern never really collapsed. We mean, seriously guys, anything could have happened. Also game-7 could happen… probably that would have been fair for the Eagles.


Goals For & Goals Against

Bern and Genève Servette were not real scoring machines during this series… Bern scored one more goal though, and this made the difference between success and failure. It’s interesting, however, to look at the chart of the development of the games in terms of goals scored… As we said, Genève Servette showed some real character and this is evidenced also by the fact that they scored many goals during the latest stages of the games.

Shots & Shots Against

Over the arc of 6 games and 7 overtime periods, finally, Bern had 11 shots more than Genève Servette. That’s basically nothing… Also in this case, however, it’s interesting to look at the chart of the development of the shots. Tendentially, Genève Servette got off to good starts… then Bern shot more during the second and third periods of play and finally the Eagles shot more during the overtime periods.

Scoring & Saving percentage

Once again as we’ve already said, the two teams weren’t real scoring machines… the main reason why is because of Leonardo Genoni and Robert Mayer. The two goalies were heroic in every way. They had out of the world saving percentages, even more so considering that they played over 400 minutes in total… We mean, what Leonardo and Robert did, enters the history of Swiss hockey. We think that the bruises in their bodies will remind them of this series for a while.

Power-play & Penalty-killing

Genève Servette were better during power-play situations and were even better penalty killers. The Mutzen must improve a lot in this regard in view of the semifinals… they improved already a little though, considering that during game-6 they scored their only 2 power-play goals of this series.


Okay, disaster averted, in every way. Bern didn’t look in playoff mode most of the time and their performances even looked emotionless at times… to the point that only the 4th line players were able to bring energy end emotions to the games. In the end, however, the Mutzen crawled out of their den and qualified for the semifinals. Surely it took a great deal of effort for Kari Jalonen’s troops… but they’re now in the semifinals and this is the only thing that matters. Bern are where they wanted to be. Maybe not in the way they wanted to be… frankly speaking though, who cares? In fact, this team still has room for improvement and this is scary for the opponents.

Outstanding… Genève Servette’s performances made history in Swiss hockey even though they lost the series. A history that goes beyond just sport… the Eagles in fact, have demostrated what “fight” and “never give up” really mean. Chris McSorley’s guys went beyond their limits and were fantastic. Then again, surely today those are empty words… we’re pretty sure that the guys don’t care right now about compliments. They wanted to win and they belived in that. And then… best wishes for next season. If that’s the spirit… Genève Servette can go a long way!