Lausanne HC – SCL Tigers 1-5 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!


Lausanne HC – SCL Tigers 1-5

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


Langnau earned a 5-1 win in Lausanne and therefore earned the opportunity to play another game at the Ilfishalle on thursday night!

We could almost talk about a “factor 5”… Game-5 was nearly identical to Game-1… Same final score, 1-5… Same development, with Lausanne who got off to a great start during the first 5 minutes of the game and took the lead with Dustin Jeffrey, the same scorer of Game-1… And finally, same continuation of the game, with Langnau who increased their level of play and the Lions Vaudois never had a chance!

Heinz Ehlers’ troops in fact were commendable and overall the better side. Already during the first period they turned the score around with Nolan Diem and Eero Alo… then, during the early stages of the central period, again Nolan Diem put them 3-1 ahead!

At that point, we were expecting a fierce reaction of Lausanne but, frankly speaking, that reaction never came. And so the Tigers, more focused and committed throughout the whole game, set the 1-5 final score during the third period with Larri Leeger and Chris DiDomenico!

And now… back at the Ilfishalle. It’s gonna be a real show!


Heniz Ehlers (SCL Tigers)

Langnau looked the only side in “playoffs mode” during game-5… and just to say, the Tigers were up against the wall and faced Lausanne who were extremely self-confident!