Starting from this season, it’s gonna be the player with the most points scored during the playoffs to wear the Top Scorer’s yellow helmet. Therefore, things have changed compared to last season.

Let’s get to know who are the 8 players who will wear the yellow helmet on Tuesday night during game-2 of the playoffs quarterfinals…

To note that, in case two players scored the same number of points, players are ranked by alphabetical order.

SC Berna vs Genève Servette HC

0 points– Mark Arcobello (0G, 0A)

Bern haven’t scored a single goal and therefore will have a Top Scorer who tallied 0 points… Alphabetically, the Top Scorer should be Adam Almquist. But it won’t be him to wear the yellow helmet. And it’s not gonna be the Captain Simon Moser either… but it’s gonna be Mark Arcobello. As explained to us by Geff Scarantino (journalist and commentator for RadioLac), that’s because Mark was the Top Scorer at the end of the Regular Season. (Wait, what?! Yep guys, we’re also a bit confused…)

1 points – Tim Bozon (1G, 0A)

Tim Bozon scored the game winning goal during the last Regular Season game against the ZSC Lions… then he scored the game winning goal also during game-1 of the playoffs quarterfinals in Bern. What a magic moment for Tim Bozon who will play on Tuesday night at les Vernets with the yellow helmet. It’s gonna be a real honour… considering that also his father Philippe wore the same helmet for the Eagles earlier this century!

EV Zug vs HC Lugano

2 points – Santeri Alatalo (0G, 2A)

Santeri Alatalo takes full advantage of Dan Tangnes’ system of play. He’s having a hell of a season both in terms of performances and points scored… he even got off to a good start of the playoffs and during game-1 he tallied 2 assists that will allow him to wear the yellow helmet on Tuesday night.

2 points – Alessio Bertaggia (0G, 2A)

Alessio Bertaggia, who scored 2 points during the first game of the playoffs, will wear the yellow helmet. Is it a sign of destiny or what? Let us not forget, in fact, that Alessio Bertaggia was a Bull before moving back to Lugano… and let us not forget, moreover, that his father Sandro was born in Zug!

Lausanne HC vs SCL Tigers

1 point – Dustin Jeffrey (1G, 0A)

Lausanne were disappointing during the first game of the playoffs. Dustin Jeffrey, however, did his business as usual and scored the only goal of the team. We don’t think it’s an accident that Dustin scored the only goal of the night for the Lions Vaudois… we’re talking about one of the best scorers of the league, after all.

3 points – Stefano Giliati (0G, 3A)

The new import player of Langnau played only 1 Regular Season game and 1 playoffs game. Yet, this guy is turning out to be some sort of scoring machine! During the two games as a Tiger, in fact, the Italian-Canadian forward tallied 5 assists… including 3 during the first game of the playoffs played in Lausanne Saturday night.

EHC Biel-Bienne vs HC Ambrì-Piotta

1 point – Dominik Diem (1G, 0A)

Bienne delivered an excellent team performance against Ambrì-Piotta. And just like a real team, Bienne can count on 4 dangerous lines… this is evidenced by the fact that three different players scored the 3 goals of the night. Including Dominik Diem, who’s being “rewarded” because of the alphabetical order… he can be thanking his ancestors some day 🙂

1 point – Jannik Fischer (1G, 0A)

Jannik Fischer is certainly not that kind of a player you normally see at the top of the leading scorers table. For once, however, he will wear the yellow helmet… it was him, in fact, who scored the only goal for Ambrì-Piotta during game-1 in Bienne. This is a nice reward for the former Lausanne player who, at the Tissot Arena, scored his first goal with Ambrì-Piotta.