Bern finished the Regular Season at the top of the table with 101 points and they’re the only ones who earned more than 100 points. Genève Servette instead earned 75 points and made the playoffs at the last gasp thanks to the home win earned against the ZSC Lions.

The Mutzen are rock solid. Genève Servette have basically never play at full strength this season.

Put it like that, it looks like this quarterfinals series will be an easy one for Bern. Yet, we’re pretty sure that it won’t be a walk in the park for Kari Jalonen’s troops…


26/02/19 SC Bern – Genève-Servette HC 4 : 3  (1 : 1) (1 : 0) (2 : 2)
15/01/19 Genève-Servette HC – SC Bern 4 : 5  (2 : 1) (2 : 0) (0 : 3) OT
13/11/18 SC Bern – Genève-Servette HC 7 : 0  (3 : 0) (3 : 0) (1 : 0)
03/10/18 Genève-Servette HC – SC Bern 3 : 1  (1 : 0) (0 : 1) (2 : 0)


Bern prevailed 3 times out of 4 against Genève Servette this season. If we exclude that 7-0 win back mid-November, however, the games were always quite balanced.


7 points Calle Andersson (2G, 5A)

7 points Simon Moser (2G, 5A)

6 points Mark Arcobello (1G, 5A)

3 points Cody Almond (0G, 3A)

2 points 5 players (Arnaud Jacquemet, Daniel Rubin, Tanner Richard, Daniel Winnik, Jeremy Wick)


Over the last few days we had a poll on out facebook page. We asked you which team will make it to the semifinals. Here are the numbers…


Only 30% of you think that the Eagles can eliminate the Mutzen. According to the poll numbers, it looks like there will be no deal to make for Genève Servette in this quarterfinals series against Bern.


A rock solid defense

Bern have the best defensive record of the National League but that’s not the only point. The truth is that, most of the time, Kari Jalonen’s troops system of play prevents the opponents from creating clear scoring opportunities. In fact, they drive their opponents nuts.

The winning mindset and the will to get back to the top

The Mutzen were eliminated by the ZSC Lions at the semifinals stage last season and therefore have an extra motivation to go all the way this time. Motivations can work wonders. Let us not forget, moreover, that Bern – 3 times Swiss Champions over the last 6 seasons – have an enviable winning mindset.

The roster

On paper, Bern are a side that have it all. Talent, quality and quantity. At this point, and with Zürich out of the picture, we think it’s safe to say – for what we’ve seen during the Regular Season – that Kari Jalonen’s troops are the nr. 1 favourites to win this title.


Lack of a plan b

Guys we’re sorry, we’re repeating ourselves here… but in our opinion, Bern have no plan b in terms of system of play. It’s true that compared to last season, things have improved. But our impression is always the one that when the opponents increase their level of physical play and intensity, Bern persist in playing their play without going out of the box. This is a limit and can cost a lot.

The power-play

Bern have a decent power-play – 19.3%, 6th in the NLA – but can and should be even better. The Mutzen, even more so against an opponent like Genève Servette, must improve their power-play efficiency.

Lack of focus

Bern have been sure to make the playoffs since a very long time and during last month have – understandably – lowered their level of play. As a consequence of that, they lost 4 of their last 6 games. It’s gonna be crucial to increase immediately the level of play and it’s not always easy to do it from one day to another.


Thomas Ruefenacht

A real playoffs animal. He’s a player able to go out of the box and he brings in a lot of emotions into the games. Recently he’s been sniffing the playoffs and has increased his level of play a lot. Thomas is ready and Bern can’t do without him!


The question should rather be: why shouldn’t they? Bern are the favourites, point. On paper, this team is so strong. You got to be always careful, right… but it would be a huge surprise if the Mutzen didn’t make the semifinals. It was not an accident that they finished the Regular Season at the top of the table, after all…


Team and fighting spirit

All the teams are committed, of course. Yet what Genève Servette have done this season – also considering the countless injuries that forced Chris McSorley to make a virtue of necessity – is seriously impressive in terms of team and fighting spirit.

The last gasp qualification to the playoffs

They say – quite rightly so – that during the playoffs the mental side is crucial. In this regard, the way Genève Servette made the playoffs was such a huge confidence booster and we can just guess that the adrenaline really kicked in! These factors can help move mountains! Let us not forget, moreover, that the Eagles are no longer under huge pressure…


Faceoffs are potentially a pivotal play in ice hockey especially at the key moments of the game. In this regard Genève Servette are safe. Actually, they have the second best faceoffs efficiency of the league (53.5%), right behind Fribourg Gottéron.



Countless injuries… a panting battle to make the playoffs… The Eagles could pay a high price because of the exhaustion. Both, on a physical and – even more – mental way.


Genève Servette aren’t the best penalty killers of the league… in fact, only Lugano and Fribourg Gottéron were worse penalty killers during the Regular Season. And we all know how it’s important to be rock solid when shorthanded, especially during the playoffs.

Bern’s power

This is not actually a weakness of Genève Servette… but rather it’s a bitter reality. On paper, Bern are the better side. Point. Genève Servette play their best game and it can even not be enough… then again, anything can happen, ça va sans dire.


Chris Mcsorley (Coach)

Chris McSorley won’t be on the ice but in our opinion he’s the most influential coach of the league. Moreover, Genève Servette can hope to make the semifinals only if they play as a real team like they’ve been doing lately and if they’re mentally ready. Therefore, we name symbolically Chris as the key.


Because at this point Genève Servette have got nothing to lose and are not under a huge pressure. Moreover, their impressive team spirit can work wonders and can help them to shock Bern and make the semifinals!



Well, we’re ready for this quarterfinals series than on paper could become a walk in the park for Bern but that in reality can become an exciting one. The Mutzen have every intention to win the title and their first obstacle are Genève Servette who, instead, wants to keep on gifting their fans with priceless emotions. Who will win?

Good luck, Mutzen and Eagles!