Fribourg Gottéron will host Rapperswil at the BCF Arena this Sunday, February 10th, 2019. It’s a crucial game for the Dragons who want to extend their winning run and confirm their recent improvements.

Mark French’s troops, regardless of the erratic results, proved rock solid starting from late November. If we consider their games starting from November 30th, 2018, in fact – more precisely starting from that 5-2 home win earned against Lausanne – the Dragons conceded only 2.3 goals on average during their 19 games played.

Indeed, only in one game they conceded more than 3 goals… it happened on December 7th, 2018, in Bienne. In all the other cases instead, always regardless of the results, the Dragons never conceded more than 3 goals.

We mean, the figures suggest that defending is not a problem for Gottéron.

Curiously enough however, and despite Reto Berra and Ludovic Waeber performances, Fribourg Gottéron’s last shutout goes back to late October and to that 3-0 home win earned against Bern.

Will the Dragons’ goalie be able to earn a shutout this Sunday against Rapperswil? Who knows… one thing is sure though, it’s been quite a long time since the last time a goalie of Fribourg eraned a shutout in a game played against the Lakers. The last one was Cristobal Huet 2’669 days ago… and more precisely, on October 21st, 2011. On that day Lakers and Gottéron faced each other at the Diners Club Arena of Rapperswil and Fribourg earned a 2-0 win on the road!

Pavel Rosa scored the first goal of the night assisted by Michael Knoepfli and Marc Abplanalp after only 2 minutes and 11 seconds of play. Then, the troops back then coached by Hans Kossmann, had to wait until the last 10 minutes of play to set the 0-2 final score… that is, until when Cédric Botter assisted by Jan Cadieux and Tristan Vauclair scored the goal that sealed the 3 points.

Thanks to that 2-0 away win, Cristobal Huet earned the last shutout for Fribourg Gottéron against Rapperswil.

You can see the highlights of that game and the statistics at the following links…

21.10.2011 – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – HC Friborgo Gottéron



Marc Abplanalp, Julien Sprunger and Tristan Vauclair were already lined up for Fribourg Gottéron back then. While the current SD Christian Dubé played that game with his jersey number 96. When it comes to Rapperswil instaed, their goalie was Daniel Manzato… the latter currently playing for Ambrì-Piotta, played in the youth organization of Fribourg Gottéron.

What will happen this Sunday noon? Fribourg Gottéron’s fans hope that Reto Berra can be the next one after Cristobal Huet to earn a shutout against Rapperswil. It would mean that the Dragons win the game… it would mean, most and above all, that the Dragons earn 3 crucial points.

The Lakers for their part have every intention to get back to winning ways after the defeat suffered at home against Bienne on Friday night. Jeff Tomlinson’s troops improved at home while away from home they won only 1 of their 20 games (in Genève)… and are coming off 8 consecutive away defeats.

Good luck for the game, Fribourg Gottéron and Rapperswil!