Yet another crucial, and well deserved, win for the ZSC Lions against Lugano… 3-1 the final score!


HC Lugano – ZSC Lions 1-3

Our game summary, the key player, video highlights and game statistics.


The ZSC Lions earned a well deserved 3-1 win at the Cornèr Arena against a very nervous Lugano.

The situation is complicated for the two finalists of last season and you can tell. Both teams in fact, struggle to play at their best level. In such a context, however, the ZSC Lions deserve a big round of applause because were able to stay calmer and to take home 3 very important points.

The first period ended goalless. The Lions had the best opportunities and generally the two teams were quite aggressive. The game then changed during the early stages of the central period when Romain Loeffel put Lugano ahead during a power-play situation.

At that point the Bianconeri – who put their heart and soul on display – could even extend their lead… but they lost the game because of their nervousness. Shortly after the half-an-hour mark Maxim Lapierre was deservedly assessed a game misconduct penalty and Zürich answered by equalizing with Dave Sutter.

During the early stages of the third period then, Lugano was assessed yet another naive penalty (Luca Fazzini) and the Lions took advantage of that by scoring the game winning goal with Chris Baltisberger.

The game was over. The Lions handled the situation perfectly and set the 3-1 final score in the latest stages of the game with Simon Bodenmann who scored empty-net.


Kevin Klein (ZSC Lions)

Even in such a context, Kevin Klein never loses his temper and shows all his class!