We present you today the National League table for each period of play. We did it already back in october after a dozen of games played… we wanted to do it again now when there are about twenty games left to the end of the Regular Season.

What can these tables say to us? Well, they can say which teams are ready from the first puck drop – those with a better record during the first period – and which teams instead have a better physical condition and make the difference as the games go on.

Premise: also this stat, just like any other, must be interpreted and taken with a grain of salt!


Teams are ranked by points on average per game

Zug are at the top of the 1st period table. The Bulls are obviously ready from the first puck drop most of the time. In fact, Dan Tangnes troops after 30 games played were behind in the score at the first break only 7 times.

Also Lugano are doing particularly well during the first period! We’d like to talk about the Bianconeri later though… you’ll understand why.

Bern, Bienne, Ambrì-Piotta and Genève Servette follow. These teams are the last ones with an above 1.50 points on average during the first period.

The teams that instead seem not ready from the first puck drop are… Fribourg Gottéron, Davos, ZSC Lions and Rapperswil-Jona Lakers!

It’s impressive – negatively speaking – the ZSC Lions first period record.


Teams are ranked by points on average per game

Bern, Zug and Bienne – who are currently at the top three position of the table – are at the top of the 2nd period table.

Then, it’s interesting to note the ZSC Lions ar 4th placed. Serge Aubin’s troops show to have some real character and oftentimes react after the first break.

Lugano for their part confirm to be not that bad… instead, it’s crazy to see Ambrì-Piotta so down.

The Leventinesi in fact, together with Genève Servette, Davos and Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, are below the line when it comes to the 2nd period.


Teams are ranked by points on average per game

The dead come back to life, right Ambrì-Piotta? The Biancoblù are at the top of the National League 3rd period table! This is symptom with an excellent physical condition and real character. Surely Luca Cereda is pleased about it.

Also Lausanne are doing very well as the games go on. The Lions Vaudois have a similar points percentage during the third periods to the one of Bern. In other words, Ville Peltonen and Kari Jalonen – who were working together last season in Bern – make their teams make the difference during the third period. Do you think it’s an accident? We don’t think so.

Zug then follow 4th placed… it must be said, however, that most of the times the Bulls “only” need to handle the situation during the third periods.

Who surprises us, however, are Genève Servette. Even if only because of the countless injuries they have do deal with. Obviously, McSorley’s troops have some real character – nothing new about that – and are in a good shape.

Among the worse teams instead, if we exclude the usual Davos and Rapperswil, we find the ZSC Lions and Lugano.

The Bianconeri 3rd period record is frightening. We mean… is there maybe also a problem with the physical condition behind the poor results? And just to say… last season, Greg Ireland’s troops were at the top of the third period table!

See you soon, guys!

If you’re interested, below the link to the previous article of the standings for each period of play published after a dozen of games earlier this season.

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