The ZSC Lions won 7-4 at home against Lugano last night on January 8, 2019…

The last time Lugano conceded 7 goals in Zürich, or the last time Zürich scored 7 goals against Lugano, up to you, went back to 4’120 days ago… more precisely, it dates back to September 28, 2007. On that day, the Lions won 7-2 against Lugano at the Hallenstadion!

For the superstitious of you… this a great news for the Lions and a bad news for the Bianconeri.

Why?! Well, because back then… the ZSC Lions were crowned Swiss Champions at the end of the 2007-08 season while Lugano missed the playoffs!

September 28, 2007 – ZSC Lions – HC Lugano 7-2

The first period ended goalles. Then, starting from the central period… Marty Murray gave the lead to Lugano, Adrian Wichser and Aurelio Lemm put Zürich ahead, Krister Cantoni equalized for Lugano and then… from then to the end, Adrian Wichser, Dustin Johner, Beat Forster, Donald MacLean and Kim Lee Lindemann earned a 7-2 win for the Lions!

A game that we barely remember actually… yet, for those of you german speakers, here is the game summary published by the “Blick” back then.

When it comes to Zürich, Severin Blindenbacher was the only current player who played back then. When it comes to Lugano instead, Alessandro Chiesa, Julien Vauclair and Raffaele Sannitz played already back then.

But just how that season continued then?

The ZSC Lions finished 6th placed the Regular Season. Then, they 4-1 the quarterfinal series against Kloten, they won 4-2 the semifinal series against Davos and finally won 4-2 the final series against Genève Servette!

What a ride!

What about Lugano instead? Well, the coach back then was Kent Runkhe and he was replaced during the Regular Season by John Slettvoll. Things went south anyway… the Bianconeri missed the playoffs and survived thanks to a 4-1 win in the playout series against Basel.

Well, what can we say… the most supersticious of you can start to celebrate or touch wood…

P.S. To note that in Lugano, there was a player named Häppölä who joined the team during the season… that’s a surname that sounds like Haapala… careful!

Ehy guys, don’t take this article too serious, right? 😉