Like every month, we present you the “Top Scorers of the month of December” for each team.

Let’s have a look today at…

SCL Tigers

Harri Pesonen is currently Langnau’s Top Scorer while the Top Scorer of the month of December is… him, again…


Let’s get down to the details.

Overall, Langnau had a decent month of December. 5 games played, 7 points. Not bad for this team that never ceases to amaze and promises to keep it up also for 2019.

One of the reasons for the Tigers’ successes is Heinz Ehlers… Another one of the reasons, are Harri Pesonen and Chris DiDomenico! Let’s face it, the whole team is doing a terrific job. Then, however, Langnau also need their top players to score regularly.

In this regard, Harri Pesonen and Chris DiDomenico are doing great and also this month they’re at the top of the scorers table. We mean, that’s what consistency is all about.

After these two guys, a group of 5 players follow with 3 points scored. We’re talking about Alexei Dostoinov, Eero Elo, Aaron Gagnon and Anthony Huguenin.

Well, that’s it for this month!

If you’re interested, below is the link to our article “The month of December in numbers”. On it, we published the National League table of the month, several statistics and the overall Top Scorers of the month.