In an interview with La Nacion, Argentine tennis player Juan Martin del Potro spoke about the repeated injuries that have kept him away from the courts for more than three years.

He had said goodbye in February, in his country, at the ATP 250 tournament in Buenos Aires. Juan Martin del Potro, former world No. 3 and one of the most talented players of the last two decades, has never recovered from a knee injury suffered in June 2019. After several operations and missed returns, he had finally preferred to say stop, he whose career will have been more than spoiled by injuries.

To the Argentine newspaper La Nacion, he shared the difficulties of his daily life due to the after-effects of his operations: “Today I can only walk, I don’t run, not even on carpet, I am unable to climb stairs without pain, and I can’t drive for too long without needing to stretch to get rid of the pain.”

Heartbreaking confessions, which the Argentinean tries to face with courage and lucidity. “This is my reality, it’s very hard, very sad, but I’m looking for the best way to improve, my new challenge is to try to find how to digest all this, assimilate what happens to me and how I get up every morning to live as best as possible.”

Winner of the US Open in 2009 as an individual and the Davis Cup in 2016 with his country, del Potro also talks about the impact on his mental health: “My head can’t accept a life without tennis. I just haven’t had a smooth transition. I wasn’t able to prepare for retirement and I have no idea what other players who go through that process do. I was number three in the world. Then, all of a sudden, both my knees broke.