Decathlon Takes a Cue from Netflix and Tests Subscription Service for Sports Equipment

Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, is shaking up the traditional retail sector by testing a subscription-based service for its sports equipment. Inspired by streaming giants like Netflix, the multinational company is looking to give consumers access to an ever-changing pool of top-of-the-line goods, from soccer balls and running shoes to surfboards and kayaks. The subscription service is currently being tested in France, and if it proves successful, Decathlon may expand its reach to other countries where it operates stores. With its pioneering attitude, Decathlon is leading the charge in the retail sector and bringing customers the convenience and accessibility that streaming services have brought to entertainment.

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Sports and recreation are essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to enjoying these activities, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Decathlon, one of Europe’s leading sports retailers, has taken a cue from to develop a subscription service that provides a unique new way to access sports gear.

Decathlon’s Game-Changing Business Model

Decathlon’s subscription service is a first-of-its-kind offering that gives customers the opportunity to rent sports equipment instead of buying it outright. The goal is to provide a convenient, wallet-friendly way to access the gear you need. Customers can choose from an array of sports equipment and accessories, from soccer cleats to tennis rackets.

Subscription Service Explores a New Way to Access Sports Gear

Decathlon’s service allows customers to rent the gear for a flat monthly fee. This fee covers the cost of the equipment as well as delivery, insurance, and maintenance. It also allows customers to swap out their gear for new items as their sports and activities evolve. This subscription model is similar to the one used by Netflix, which allows customers to stream thousands of movies and shows for a single monthly fee.

Netflix Inspires a Unique Way to Shop for Sports Equipment

Decathlon’s subscription service is the result of a partnership between the company and the French start-up Vinted. The two companies were inspired by the success of Netflix and decided to develop a subscription model specifically for sports gear. The service was launched as a pilot program in France in 2019 and is now expanding to other countries.

Can Decathlon’s Subscription Service Change the Way We Buy Gear?

The subscription service could be a game-changer for the sports industry. By giving customers access to high-quality gear at an affordable price, the service makes it easier for people to enjoy the sports and activities they love. This could also lead to a decrease in the amount of gear that ends up in landfills since customers won’t need to replace their worn-out gear as frequently.

Re-Inventing the Sports Equipment Market: Decathlon’s Bold Move

Decathlon’s subscription service is a bold move that could revolutionize the sports industry. By giving customers an easy and cost-effective way to access the gear they need, the service could become an essential part of the sports and recreation landscape. It remains to be seen if the service will be embraced by customers, but Decathlon is certainly leading the way in re-inventing the sports equipment market.

Decathlon’s subscription service is a great example of a company that is adapting and innovating to meet customer needs. By taking a cue from Netflix, the company has developed a unique way for customers to access sports gear without breaking the bank. Decathlon’s bold move could have a profound effect on the sports equipment market and the way people access and use gear.


Decathlon’s subscription service is a revolutionary concept that could change the way people access and use sports gear. By allowing customers to rent high-quality gear at a flat-rate monthly fee, Decathlon is providing an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy sports and recreation. It remains to be seen how customers will respond to the new service, but Decathlon is certainly pushing the boundaries of the sports equipment industry.


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