Thursday, 17 January 2019

About us

We introduce ourselves

We’re a couple like many others… “He” loves sport, “She” loves it a little less! “He” loves Swiss ice hockey and football, simply “He” can’t get enough of it although not being addicted.

“She” was tired about the fact that “He” wanted to share his passion with her, so “She” suggested him to write down somewhere his opinions, because on her own terms she believed they were sort of interesting. That is how “Our” story began.

However, “He” is not a journalist. He’s not an expert but a simple passionate, and “He” is not even very familiar with the modern technological tools. And that’s where “She” came in. Firstly “She” served as motivator for the whole project, and then as a layperson “She” prepared a first site and started to become familiar with programs that create graphs.

We started a bit for fun. A bit out of curiosity too… With time, the number of “You” that started to follow “Us” increased more and more and constantly (about this, we thank You so much!).

But what is exactly our project?

It’s quite simple in fact. We want to write about sport for what it is, namely a beautiful game. We want to write about facts unambiguously. Oftentimes “We” try to do it helping ourselves with statistics, that are a bit our thumb on a scale.

We believe that statistics are not telling the whole truth. However, we also believe that are an interesting food for thought.

Thought, and thoughts, that “We” humbly want to share with those who have the pleasure to follow us.

We’re not perfect, far from that. We make plenty of mistakes, and the target is to make the less possible. Led by the huge passion that “We” have for “Our” and “Your” project.

We hate politically correct that is rampant nowadays. Therefore, whoever wants to tell us something, please contact us. Compliments, suggestions, criticism… Our… “Mail” is open for all of you 🙂

Damiano Cansani & Barbara Kurdziel


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