About us

Leading Sport was created in 2017, thank to the passion of Damiano Cansani and Barbara Kurdziel, two young sport passionates, who with time transformed their blog into a professionally structured website.

Initially, the idea was to talk about the two national sports in Switzerland, that are ice hockey and football. After giving it much thought we decided to broach only ice hockey, all thanks to the positive reactions of the public and the number of visitors.

The website is based in Ticino but the content involves the whole Switzerland, that is why articles are written both in Italian and in English.

Leading Sport is independent and totally impartial. Moreover, one of the strong suits are statistics – some of them manually collected – that we use to enrich our articles.

We are on Facebook and Twitter, Leading Sport become a point of reference for those who seek original context, exhaustive and never trivial.

During the 2018-19 season, the website registered 114.600 visitors who generated approximately 500’000 page views.

Nearly a half of visitors comes from German-speaking Switzerland, a quarter from Italian-speaking Switzerland and the rest from French-speaking Switzerland.

This demonstrates a real interest about Leading Sport arisen in the whole country. It’s a feat for such a young website that today sets itself the objective of increasing the number of visitors and proposing always more contexts outside the box.


Damiano Cansani, Barbara Kurdziel