Let’s go straight to the point. If someone asked you to list some of the National League’s scoring machines… all of you would include Gregory Hofmann in the exclusive list. Rightly so.

“Gregu” in fact, is a real sniper. However, we’ll never cease to say that what impresses us the most about this 27 years old forward is not the number of goals scored – and they’re many, God! – but rather his will to succeed and improve himself as a player constantly, together with his determination and the love for his sport. In this regard, he is seriously an example to follow.

Perhaps this urge to emerge, can also be interpreted at times as “selfishness” on ice, but the truth is that he is mostly trying to do everything – but everything – to help his team have the best chances of success.

That said, it’s clear that many kids buy the jersey with number 15 because Gregory Hofmann is one of that kind of a player that, thanks to his characteristics and to the fact that he scores a lot, is capable of making dream many wannabe hockey players.

“Gregu” made his first steps as one of the best players of the league with Ambrì-Piotta. With the latter club he made his debut in the top tier of Swiss hockey on March 6th, 2010, at the Valascia when the Leventinesi hosted – … – Zug! The first coach that gave him some time on ice was Benoit Laporte.

Instead, his first National League goal came few months later and more precisely on September 18th, 2010. On that day, Ambrì-Piotta was playing its fourth game of the 2010-11 season and suffered a 4-1 road defeat against the ZSC Lions at the Hallenstadion. The visitors’ consolation goal was scored right by the young Gregory Hofmann, who – despite the defeat suffered by his team – could therefore live the night he will never forget!

That was only the first of the over 230 goals – and counting… – scored by “Gregu” in the National League to date.

He scored the first 10 with the jersey of Ambrì-Piotta between 2010 and 2012. That had been before Arno Del Curto brought him to Davos where he played the next three seasons and won the title in 2015 too.

After he’d won the title with the Ibexes then, Gregory moved back to Ticino but this time more south and more precisely to Lugano. Where he turned from great player to top class one.

With the HCL players, he almost reached the title twice and he improved a lot as a player becoming one of the most – if not the most – lethal Swiss forwards around. So much that Zug did everything to have him on the team for the 2019-20 season… during his first season with the Bulls, Gregory Hofmann scored a little bit less compared to his last season with Lugano (30 goals in Ticino, 24 in Zug of which as many as 16 in the first 18 games). In our opinion though, he became a better player in terms of performances and as a man. Right, because he also showed that he could handle the pressure and that he knew how to respect the high expectations that the whole club and the fans had on him!

So, let’s watch all the first 24 goals scored by Gregory Hofmann with Zug. The first 24 of many more to come… for this player that has never played in the NHL yet – even though he was drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes in 2011 in 103rd position overall – but that certainly has the potential to “score” also in the most prestigious league of the world!