Without mincing words, Davos’ SD Raeto Raffainer had described Teemu Turunen as a “dream transfer”. Therefore, we can just imagine how happy he is that he could sign this 24 years old Finn forward in view of next season.

So, let’s get to know more about this “dream transfer”.

Name: Teemu

Surname: Turunen

Nation: FIN

Date of Birth: 24 novembre 1995

Position: LW/RW

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Teemu Turunen was born on November 24th, 1995, in Helsinki and played youth hockey for the legendary Jokerit where he stayed until the U20 level and where he was even playing alongside Otso Rantakari (former Davos and Bienne) and Petteri Lindbohm (former Lausanne) during the last two years.

Then, on the eve of the 2014-15 season, Jokerit (KHL) offered him a contract but loaned him to Jukurit in the Mestis – second tier of Finn hockey – where he played also the following season playing a crucial role for the promotion to the Liiga of the team coached by Antti Pennanen.

Therefore, Teemu made his debut in the top tier of Finn hockey during the 2016-17 season, however, not with Jukurit but with HPK where he followed his coach Antti Pennanen.

Teemu Turunen played 3 seasons with HPK and even helped the club to win the title at the end of the third and last year before transferring to HIFK of Helsinki where he spent last season – 2019-20 – and where he proved to be one of the best players of the league.

In four seasons in the Liiga, Teemu Turunen collected a total of 241 appearances and tallied 185 points. Even though he blossomed for real during the last two years when he turned out to be a real top-class player. A top-class player, who regularly represented the Finn national team – even though never at big events – and that had the potential to move to the KHL. And instead, he picked Davos and will be an Ibex… This for our joy and the joy of the whole “Yellow and Blue” world.


As previously said, Raeto Raffainer had described Teemu Turunen as the transfer of his dreams. Therefore, without further ado, let’s see what someone who’s been following him from close in recent times can tell us about the player.

We had the chance to get in touch again with Janne Onnela, freelance Finn journalist.

Let’s see what he can tell us about the player.

Turunen is simply an awesome player, good at pretty much everything. For Finnish league he was already a dominant player. Nowadays you could call him even a latebloomer. Once he got his physics and skating fixed no one in Finnish league was able to stop him. He can score, he is at home at corners, he can play power play, shorthanded, you name it. Overall, a very good hockey player who could have probably moved on with KHL as well, but he chose NLA.

Thank you very much, Janne.


The first impression is that Davos signed a great import. Teemu Turunen is capable of doing everything and is capable of doing everything well. He improved his physical play and his skating, he can score, he can defend, and he can play at the boards. We mean, what more could you require from an import?

Clearly now he needs to prove himself in Switzerland and this will be his first experience abroad. But again, on paper Teemu Turunen seems to have all it takes to become one of the best players of the league. Great deal.


Teemu Turunen already played in Davos. It happened during the 2017 Spengler Cup. Back then he was playing for HPK and the Finn side faced firstly the Swiss national team and then Davos at the quarterfinal stages. Teemu was not lined up to play against Switzerland nonetheless he played against Davos, still without scoring points.