Finally, we’ve been waiting 4’016 days for this day. Today, May 8th 2020, the Worlds are back in Switzerland. 4’016 days it’s the time between May 10th 2009, day of the final played in Bern between Russia and Canada – 2-1 for Russia – and today when four games are scheduled. Canada vs Germany, Sweden vs Czech Republic, Finland vs United Stated and mostly Switzerland vs Russia.

There is nothing else to add. Starting from today, all the world’s eyes are on Lausanne and Zürich. The two hosting cities of the event. Let’s the fun begin!

Here, that’s the way we would have liked to start the article of today. And instead, for the reasons we know, today is a deeply sad day for each ice hockey passionate. Especially for any Swiss ice hockey passionate.

We have been really looking forward to this for a long time. The national team perfectly coached by Patrick Fischer has been able to make a whole country fall in love thanks to an impressive loyalty and devotion to the Swiss jersey. Yep, we were all ready to proudly wave our national flag and to support our heroes.

And instead, we cannot do it. It is so sad but there were no alternatives. Not even playing without fans was an option. Luckily so, we dare to say. We could all see during the final stages of the 2019-20 regular season that hockey game without fans are surreal. It’s always hockey but it’s a different hockey. It’s an emotionless hockey. We will never tire of repeating that ice hockey is for fans!

In this regard, we will also never tire of thanking all the players, all the people, clubs and whoever works behind the scenes, for gifting us with a memorable show that lasts from September till late May.

We’re sure that, despite everything, all the mentioned above people are the most disappointed ones for the cancellation of the Worlds 2020. They did not deserve that. All the efforts they made have gone up in smoke because of a dirty virus that decided to ruin 2020.

What can we say then about the players and the coaching staff of the national team?

Nevertheless, Patrick Fischer and his guys must be an example for us. They’re the perfect example of what proudly representing our nation really means. When it comes to Switzerland and team sports, no one is like them.

And again, they must be our example to follow during these difficult times. We should take example and fight to get back up with pride and look forward to a better future.

Virus will be gone sooner or later, and ice hockey will be back. Ice hockey will be back stronger than ever. Perhaps the virus “won game-1” of the series… but ice hockey will win the series 4-1 overall. We mean, we will all go back to celebrate, to hug each other for a goal and to drink one – or two, or three, or four, up to you… – beer together at the ice rink.

Unfortunately, not now though. This was the time to celebrate a memorable event and instead it all went south and turned into a moment of reflection and break. Let’s face it, it’s not said that this moment of forced break is necessarily bad… maybe, as ice hockey enthusiasts, we could just hope that this forced break could come during the summer break 🙂 But you can’t have it all in life.

There are still people saying that ice hockey – sport in general – is not important right now considering the context we’re living in. We do not agree. Somehow, sport is the perfect example that in life it’s possible to win all the battles thanks to the attitude, the fighting spirit and the teamwork. Our national team coached by Patrick Fischer showed us that it’s possible to earn fantastic results.

And it was going to show us starting from today – May 8th, 2020 – what proudly representing our Switzerland really means.

We’d have so much fun. Tonight, we all would be – it doesn’t really matter if at the Hallenstadion or in front of the TV – ready to shout out loud “hopp Suisse!” during the whole game against Russia. And instead, we will be forced to have a simple aperò thinking about what could have been, what we missed and to dream about all the nice things that future holds.

You know what? Let us use this term and sorry if you’re puritan. But, … f**k you, coronavirus. We, the world of ice hockey – regardless of the team you support – will be back. As united as ever.

Hopp Suisse, long live ice hockey!