The most important thing is health. Is it truly, necessary to say it? It should be clear to everyone but it’s better to specify considering the current climate of psychosis.

Having said that, we read very often on social networks negative opinion concerning sport and the eventual comeback of it. Who cares about those millionaires who run after a puck? Who cares if ice hockey cannot start again? There are more important things right now than talking about puck, sticks and skates.

Obviously, you can think what you want. But we do not agree. Do you really want to talk only and only about coronavirus and be involved in the media terrorism?

Sport – ice hockey in our case – is aggregation, is competition, is desire for confrontation. Moreover, especially nowadays, it is a job in every way. It is a job for the players of course, for the clubs and for the refs. But it’s a job also for all those people who work behind the scenes – there are hundreds of them – and for all those activities as well – restaurants, tourism, material, merchandising and so on… – that are directly linked to sport. We mean, we are not talking only about a passion for a chosen few. Let us not forget, moreover, about all those people who follow sport for work. We of Leading Sport – we are also at risk of disappearing if next season is cancelled – but also all the journalists, bloggers and TV operators.

What about sponsoring and all those who invest in sport? And what about the kids who thanks to sport learn the value of life?

If we talk about the re-opening of offices, restaurants and so on, it is fair to talk also about the possibility of practicing and following sport. Because it involves thousands of people and it is life for thousands of them.

Very soon the World Ice Hockey Championship were supposed to start. In our Switzerland on the top of it. Those who consider an event like the Worlds only a sport event… well, they are so wrong. There is the passion of people, there is tourism, there is the promotion of the country and the regions, there is the work of so many people.

Therefore, we do not agree. We do not agree when we hear people say – “who cares about sport”.

We do not agree because sport gifts all of us with priceless emotions and we all know that emotions are the spice of life. Otherwise we would all be robots with a microchip planted in our wrist without personality. Perhaps this is the direction the world is heading but again, we do not agree.

We want to get back to watch sport. Live, obviously. With the arenas packed with fans, obviously. Unfortunately, we do not know when it is possible. The worst-case scenario is summer 2021 when it comes to attending games in person. Our hope instead, is that it all can happen much faster.

Selfishly, we want it for us and for the survival of our blog Leading Sport. More in general instead, we want it for all the players who made ice hockey their job after so many sacrifices. We want it for the clubs that each year work hard in order to gift the fans with a fantastic show. We want it for all those people who follow this sport for a living. We want it for all the people who work behind the scenes and who certainly do not make big money but are crucial and do what they do with great passion. We want it for all those that invest in sport.

And we want it also for fans. Without fans it would never be the same thing. Sport is for fans, after all. We mean, when ice hockey can start again, it must be with fans. We said it already many times and we repeat it now: no fans, no hockey, no sport. We think it is better to wait few months more and re-start “in style” rather than speed things up and re-start in an uncomplete way.

Maybe sport cannot start very soon. Maybe also next season will have to be cancelled or it will be played only over few months.

However, you cannot say “who cares about sport”. You cannot say it because of all the reasons explained above. Therefore, it is right, somehow it is necessary, to talk about a way to re-start.

We do not think that this virus is a bad thing in every way. Perhaps we all needed “a lesson” in order to understand that the world, like this, could not go ahead this way.

Suffice it to look at the canals of Venice that are finally clean again. Suffice it to look at the wild animals that came back to explore areas after years. Suffice it to look at the decreased level of pollution in the air. Suffice it to see that, maybe finally, people got that there is something more than money and work in life. Suffice it to see that globalisation, like this, indicates a pure flop that only enriches few and impoverishes the rest. And we could continue…

Yet, we think that there are things that should come back just like before. Even better than before. Including sport, that may not be the most important thing in life but… certainly, at least in our opinion, it is one of the most important things among the less important ones.

And the moment we can live the emotions of sport again, we will do it with even more passion.

In advance, we would like to thank all the clubs right now, all the players and all the persons – even those who work behind the scenes – who are certainly working hard in order to get back.

Thank you. See you very soon!