Right now, we were supposed to attend the National League final. And instead, we’re forced to live an unreal situation. This is the present. Until late February, however, all the teams and all the players gifted us with a fantastic season as usual. Therefore, here are our National League 2019-20 Oscars!

All the opinion are personals.


And the Oscar for BEST TEAM goes to…

Candidates: ZSC Lions, Genève Servette HC, EV Zug, HC Davos


The ZSC Lions are the moral winners of this season that unfortunately was cancelled at the best part. Rikard Grönborg’s guys finished the regular season at the top of the table and that was no accident. It’s safe to say that the Lions went from zero (2018-19) to hero (2019-20). In other words, they were the best what the National League saw this year.

And the Oscar for BEST HOME TEAM goes to…

Candidates: HC Davos, EHC Biel-Bienne, ZSC Lions, SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers


42 points in 25 home games. If we take only home games into consideration, Rapperswil would make the playoffs. Overall, Rappi wasn’t the team that earned the highest number of points at home… if we consider the potential though, in our opinion Tomlinsons’ troops deserve the Oscar for BEST HOME TEAM of the season.

And the Oscar for BEST AWAY TEAM goes to…

Candidates: EV Zug, Genève Servette HC, Lausanne HC, HC Davos


Zug showed its huge potential especially on the road. Oftentimes the Bulls were like steamroller away from home. They never lost more than two consecutive road games and finished the regular season as the best team when it comes to road games. Yep, they totally deserve this Oscar.

And the Oscar for BEST HOCKEY goes to…

Candidates: ZSC Lions, HC Davos, EV Zug, HC Ambrì-Piotta


The ZSC Lions proved that it’s possible to win and to play an attractive hockey. For long times, Rikard Grönborg’s guys have played the best hockey in the National League by far, surely the catchiest one. Several performances were literally showstoppers.

And the Oscar for BEST PLAYER goes to…

Candidates: Pius Suter, Reto Berra, Daniel Winnik, Matt D’Agostini


Pius Suter, who else? The 23 years old forward of the ZSC Lions delivered terrific performances. In fact, he had the best season of his career and showed all his potential. It’s as simple as that. It’s likely that such a player will not stay much longer in the National League. Luckily for him, unfortunately for us.

And the Oscar for BEST GOALIE goes to…

Candidates: Reto Berra, Robert Mayer, Gauthier Descloux, Tomi Karhunen


Reto Berra was probably the real MVP of the National League season. Very often, even though not always, he delivered outstanding performances. Most and above all, however, he delivered his best performances at the key moments of season. Just like only top-class players can do.

And the Oscar for BEST DEFENSEMAN goes to…

Candidates: Dominik Egli, Henrik Tömmernes, Ryan Gunderson, Maxim Noreau


We all knew that Dominik Egli is talented. In Rapperswil, however, the fans probably asked themselves why Bienne let him go… Janick Steinmann made the transfer of the season. Dominik is the perfect example of the modern defenseman and considering his age he still got room for improvement.

And the Oscar for BEST FORWARD goes to…

Candidates: Garrett Roe, Pius Suter, Gregory Hofmann, Daniel Winnik


In our opinion, Pius Suter was the best player of the year. Therefore, the Oscar for BEST FORWARD goes to Garrett Roe. If Rappi’s fans asked themselves why Bienne let Dominik Egli go… the Lions’ fans asked themselves why Zug let Garrett Roe go. Garrett was impressive, capable of doing everything and doing everything well. Another transfer of the season!

And the Oscar for BEST IMPORT goes to…

Candidates: Daniel Winnik, Garrett Roe, Roman Cervenka, Henrik Tömmernes


In our opinion, Daniel Winnik was the most dominant player of the National League this season. He’s strong physically, he’s effective both in the defensive and offensive zone, he’s able to score points and he’s a leader on ice. Yep, in our opinion he was the best import!

And the Oscar for POTENTIAL PLAYOFFS ANIMAL goes to…

Candidates: Daniel Brodin, Carl Klingberg, Daniel Winnik, Tommy Wingels


As we all know, unfortunately the playoffs were cancelled. Darn coronavirus. We’re sad for thousands of reasons, including the one that we couldn’t see Daniel Brodin play during the post-season. Daniel had a fantastic first National League season and, in our opinion, he is the perfect prototype of a playoff animal. We just can’t wait for the 2021 playoffs…

And the Oscar for BEST COACH goes to…

Candidates: Rikard Grönborg, Christian Dubé, Christian Wohlwend, Patrick Emond


Sorry Rikard, we had doubts about you as you hadn’t been coaching a club team since early 2000… what can we say? Rikard Grönborg proved the be the best coach. It’s as simple as that. Most and above all, he turned out to be the right man in the right place to coach the ZSC Lions. That’s not nothing. Congrats, great job!

And the Oscar for UNDERRATED PLAYER goes to…

Candidates: Josh Jooris, David Ullström, Noah Rod, Daniel Vukovic


There are many underrated players around. Including Josh Jooris… many people thought that he couldn’t make the difference in Switzerland. And instead he did it. Josh is not really a points-scoring machine but he’s doing a terrific job.

And the Oscar for BEST YOUNG PLAYER goes to…

Candidates: Benjamin Baumgartner, Dominik Egli, Tim Berni, Janis-Jérôme Moser, Deniss Smirnovs, Simon Le Coultre


There are so many underrated players around and there are as much as great young players around. Finally, we decided to give the Oscar to Benjamin Baumgartner of Davos. He had an impressive season and put an out of the ordinary maturity on display for a guy his age. He is our BEST YOUNG PLAYER of the 2019-20 season!


Candidates: Yannick-Lennart Albrecht, Eric Fehr, Josh Jooris, Noele Trisconi


When it comes to Zug, most people think about Gregory Hofmann, Jan Kovar, Leonardo Genoni and so on. All top-class players. Not many people instead talk about Yannick-Lennart Albrecht, a player that – in our opinion – is probably one of the most precious players around. In his role, Yannick-Lennart is top class.

And the Oscar for SPECIAL MENTION goes to…

Candidates: Toni Rajala, Mark Arcobello, Christian Wohlwend, Serge Pelletier


Toni Rajala and Mark Arcobello were among the best scorers of the league even though they weren’t always at the top of their game. This is what only top-class players can to do. Christian Wohlwend brought Davos from zero to hero. Yet, we assign to Serge Pelletier the Oscar for Special Mention. He took over the job when Lugano – “mistreated by Sami Kapanen” – was in a desperate situation and he was nevertheless able to lead the Bianconeri to the playoffs.

And the Oscar for PERSON OF THE YEAR goes to…

Candidates: Christian Dubé, Christian Wohlwend, Julien Vauclair, Mathieu Tschantré


Many people laughed when Christian Dubé started to coach Gottéron… anyone still laughing today? Christian Dubé is the person of the year. He proved to have guts and led Fribourg Gottéron to the post-season.

And the Oscar for GOAL OF THE YEAR goes to…

Candidates: Mattias Tedenby


Mattias Tedenby was the most spectacular player around this season. His shootout scored against Ambrì-Piotta became viral on YouTube. Yep, he certainly did score the goal of the year!

And the Oscar for MOST EMOTIONAL GOAL goes to…

Candidate: Daniel Winnik


That goal was the perfect example of what Genève Servette was all about. Determination, team spirit, fighting spirit and talent… what an emotional moment!

And the Oscar for CORONAVIRUS goes to…

Candidate: coronavirus


Darn coronavirus. You, dirty little piece of s***. You deprived us from the most emotional part of the hockey season. You’re not going to win this. Ice hockey will be back, and we will enjoy even more all the fantastic moments that only ice hockey can gift passionate with. You ruined the 2019-20 season. Allright. But you’ve only won “game-1”… ice hockey will win the series and the title. Then again, damn, unfortunately you must be awarded an Oscar dear coronavirus as you were able, in one go, to get rid of all the teams.

The season was not completed. Yet, we really want to thank all the clubs and players for all the emotions they gifted us with.

See you very soon everyone!