All in all, Bern had a very disappointing 2019-20 season and Mark Arcobello didn’t have the best season of his career either. The 33 years old forward, however, was among the few to deliver decent performances and certainly did his job. As we all know, his job is to score points… not for nothing Mark earned the nickname “points scoring machine”.

During this last season – the fourth consecutive one in the Swiss capital city – Mark Arcobello didn’t manage to score more than 1 point on average per game played. Nevertheless, he tallied 48 points in 50 games and finished the season as the team Top Scorer other than second placed in the National League leading scorers ranking right behind Pius Suter.

Out of the 48 points, Mark Arcobello scored 15 goals… let’s watch all of them!

Bern will darn miss him while fans in Lugano can’t wait to see him with the new jersey. Mark Arcobello is that kind of a player we like to define as the “man who is always in the right place at the right time, always capable of doing the right thing”. He doesn’t play a very spectacular hockey… but he’s capable of being an added value for the team.

Perhaps there are moments during the game you don’t see him much. Then, however, he oftentimes makes the difference at the key moment. That’s Mark Arcobello, that player every coach would want on his team. He did great things in Bern, where he collected 240 National League appearances tallying 247 points (99 goals). He will certainly score his 100th National League goal with the jersey of Lugano next season. Again, Bern will darn miss this American forward… the right man in the right place, always capable of doing the right thing at the right time.