Very often we talk about “project”. Ideally, they say that it takes years before a project can bear its fruits. Davos instead, was the perfect example of how you can change things around in a very short time.

The Ibexes, who started a season without Arno Del Curto for the first time since remote times, went from playout finalists to third placed at the end of the regular season in a matter of 12 months. So much for the fact that it takes time to change things around… the truth is that in sport anything is possible. Especially when you work seriously.

Now, without wishing to detract anything from the great results achieved, it’s clear that Davos at least partially took advantage of the fact that played the first 8 games on the road. This because the Eisstadion wasn’t ready to host home games. The advantage was not the fact of playing on the road but mostly the fact that the Ibexes never had to play two games in 24 hours until mid-October. This is also one of the reasons why, in our opinion, Christian Wohlwend’s troops got off to a fantastic start of the season. That great start then, allowed the team to build a lot of self-confidence. A self-confidence that then Wohlwend’s guys kept until the end of the season, as it is proved by the fact that they continued to earn points also when they weren’t at the top of their game.

Anyway, Davos was amazingly consistent. Christian Wohlwend’s troops basically always gave themselves the chance to win games also when they had bad nights. They never lost more than 3 consecutive games and somehow never really had a “crisis”.

We mean, let’s face it. The Ibexes had an outstanding season and were very often also spectacular to watch!



New coach, new SD… Davos changed a lot last summer and the changes yield the desired fruits. The whole club did a terrific job. Raeto Raffeiner worked very well off the ice. Christian Wohlwend brought enthusiasm and a new way of living the games. The results were excellent. The Ibexes were able to get back being a respected team and making their fans proud in a matter of a summer!

Home record

Davos had the best home record of the National League. 25 home games, 56 points. Never two consecutive defeats suffered. Christian Wohlwend’s troops were unstoppable in front of their fans! The Ibexes managed to win home games also when they weren’t at the top of their game and that’s something only great teams can do.

Offensive play

Oftentimes Davos played a very enjoyable hockey to watch, a very offensive-minded and spectacular hockey! One thing is sure, the Ibexes never had problems to put the puck in the net. That was a great strength.


PP and PK

Many things worked well in Davos this season. Surely, however, PP and PK was a problem. The power-play way cumbersome so many times and therefore not effective. When it came to kill penalties then, we think it’s safe to say that Wohlwend’s guys were in trouble. PP and PK are to improve in view of next season.


Davos were not solid enough. The Ibexes conceded 2.84 goals on average per game and only once their goalies earned a shutout. We mean, they were OK defensively but certainly not excellent. This is also something that must improve in view of next season.


Mattias Tedenby

Mattias Tedenby was one of the most spectacular players that has joined our National League in a long while. His technical skills were impressive and thanks to his speed he seriously put the opponents into trouble. It was a pleasure to watch him in our league.

Benjamin Baumgartner

Benjamin Baumgartner is impressively mature for a guy his age. He’s only 19 and yet proved already that he can play a key role in an ambitious National League team thanks to excellent performances. Moreover, he scored 27 points in 37 games. Needless to say, that this is his career best. We just can’t wait to see him next season, because Benjamin is already a great player but still has room for improvement.

Andres Ambühl

Several players of Davos would have deserved the “third star”. Finally, though, we picked Andres Ambühl. Evergreen, it’s as simple as that. The 36 years old forward never ceases to amaze and had a fantastic season. He’s pure class and his consistency is impressive. We’re pretty sure that we haven’t heard the last of him.


Christian Wohlwend (Coach)

Christian Wohlwend brought a new way of living the games. He’s exuberant and very self-confident. He had the difficult job of being the first head coach of Davos for a whole season after the endless Del Curto era. He did a terrific job. His Davos has room for improvement but already played one of the best hockey in the league. Congrats!

Perttu Lindgren

Many things changed in Davos. Some things instead remained the same. Perttu Lindgren was the perfect example of how the Ibexes changed in only 12 months. It was a pleasure to see the Finn forward back at the top of his game!



Goals For – Goals Against

Goals For – Goals Against even strength

We talked already about Davos offensive and defensive play. The Ibexes had the second-best scoring record of the league but only the 8th defensive record. Needless to say, what needs to be improved. One thing is sure though, Davos was excellent at even strength. In this regard, only the ZSC Lions were better.

Goals For – Goals Against each 10’

This chart shows that Davos conceded too many goals during the latest stages of the games. Was it because of a not perfect physical condition? Or maybe lack of focus? Maybe both things. Meanwhile though, the Ibexes tendentially got off to brilliant starts.

Leading, tied, trailing

Davos was the second-best team of the league when it comes to leading and additionally the second-best team when it comes to trailing. We mean, the Ibexes were generally in control of the games and that’s important.

Scoring percentage – Saving percentage

Davos had the highest scoring percentage of the league and was the only team with a scoring percentage higher of 10%. The saving percentage instead was decent (6th of the league). We think it’s safe to say, anyway, that Joren Van Pottelberghe and Sandro Aeschlimann did a very good job.

Power-play – Penalty-killing

We talked already about PP and PK. Davos had the 3rd worst power-play efficiency and most and above all the Ibexes were the worst penalty killers of the league. Again, PP and PK should improve in view of next season.


Return to normality… what a season for the Ibexes!

At this point, it’s safe to say that last season was only “a one-off” for Davos. The Ibexes proved to the whole world that it’s possible to go from playout finalist to competitive team in a matter of few months. Maybe this season things went even too well on several occasions. If it’s true, however, that reality lies somewhere in between, Davos returned to normality. We assume that once the situation is stabilised… the Ibexes will be a title contender again. Congrats for a fantastic season!