Way too often Johan Morant is described purely and solely as an agitator. We think that this description of him is exaggerated and ungenerous. Mind you, Johan is certainly not the kindest player around… he is certainly an agitator and even a player capable of making himself very unpopular, but he is also a rock-solid defenseman and an extremely precious player. Other than a guy that is second to no one when it comes to commitment towards the team he plays for.

During this regular season then, at the age of 33, he even did something sort of new. He scored 5 goals, what represents by far his career best. Considering that he’s never scored more than 2 goals in a single season.

Let’s add to this the fact that Morant didn’t score a single goal during the last two regular season games (only 1 goal during playoffs)… and we have the full picture of a player who during this last season even found the way to put the puck in the net 🙂

To celebrate him, we made this video that presents you all his 5 goals scored during the 2019-20 regular season. Have fun!

Song: Swiss Goal Horns YouTube channel

Congrats, Johan!

Johan Morant will continue his career in Zürich, and he will be a great addition to the team coached by Rikard Grönborg. In fact, a team that wants to succeed needs everything. It needs class players, hardworking guys, team players, excellent goalies… and players like Johan Morant too. The latter, we repeat ourselves, is not solely an agitator but also an excellent and rock-solid defenseman. A defenseman that now even found the way to score goals!