It’s Monday, and just like every Monday it’s time to talk about the Ticino Rockets!

Prior to the forced break, the Rockets earned a win and suffered a defeat. Let’s see…


EVZ Academy vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets 6-3

There was no deal to make for the Rockets. The EVZ Academy went 4-0 ahead in the score already during the first period thanks to Jordann Bougro, Andreas Döpfner, Yves Stoffel and David Eugster. The Rockets then scored their first goal of the night with Lee Roberts during the early stages of the central period but it didn’t took long to the hosts to restore their 4-goals lead with Luca Capaul and at that point the game was over. Some more goals came after the second break though… Lee Roberts and Marc Camichel scored for the visitors while Luca Capaul agian scored for the hosts. All this, meant that the final score was 6-3.

HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs EVZ Academy 7-6 (OT)

It was some crazy game the one played at the Raiffesen BiascArena. During the first period Jerome Portmann put the Rockets ahead while Livio Langenegger tied things up for the Academy. During the central period then, the visitors turned the score around with Nico Graf… but Reinhard and Reuille’s troops proved for the first time to have some real character and scored with Jerome Portmann, Anthony Neuenschwander, Marc Camichel and Greg Squires the goals that set the 5-2 score at the second break. Game over? Nope, because during the last third it was the EVZ Academy’s turn to score four times – with Livio Langenegger, Luca Capaul (2) and Luca Wyss – and so turn the score around. At that point, 5-6 the score, the game seemed to be over… but the Rockets proved to have some real character for the second time! Firstly they tied things up with Jason Fritsche (shorthanded!) during the final stages of the game and then it was the same Jason Fritsche who earned the hosts’ the win 31 seconds into the overtime period!


In case, it ain’t over till it’s over!

The psychosis coronavirus, and the consequent forced break, has an impact also on the Ticino Rockets that will not play this week the last two games of the ranking round. No one knows how the season will continue and if it will continue at all. In case, anyway, it isn’t over!

HC Sierre 125 168 -43 54
EVZ Academy 119 188 -69 47
EHC Winterthur 112 222 -110 37
HC Biasca Ticino Rockets 116 208 -92 32


It isn’t over because the Rockets are still 4 points behind Winterthur when there are 2 games left to play.

It isn’t over because the next round includes the games Sierre vs Rockets and Winterthur vs EVZ Academy. But most and above all, because the last round includes the game between Rockets and Winterthur to be played at the Raiffeisen BiascArena. The latter is a game that, in case of a win for the Ticinesi in Valais and simultaneous defeat for Winterthur against the Bulls, would become “the game of the year”!

It isn’t over because, despite the thousand of difficulties – on and off the ice – Reinhard and Reuille’s guys proved to be very much alive and willing to do everything to avoid a dangerous league qualification series.

It isn’t over because, dear god, sooner or later the Rockets will have some good news coming from other games. We don’t want think ill, but that empty-netter scored by Winterthur during the last regular season game in Langenthal when the score was 2-2… well, it’s not a good thing.

Finally, last but not least, it isn’t over because… it ain’t over till it’s over. This is not only a quote but it’s the truth, especially in ice hockey.

Come on guys, GORocketsGO!

Of course, one can hope that this emergency will lead the federation to cancel the whole season and in that case the Ticino Rockets would save their place in the Swiss League. But that’s not hockey and we think that not even the club and the players want this to happen.


We’re waiting for a confirmation when it comes to the dates, but here are the last two games of the ranking round.

HC Sierre vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets

HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs EHC Winterthur