It’s Monday, and just like every Monday it’s time to talk about the Ticino Rockets!

The ranking round began last week and the Ticino Rockets got off to a good start.


EHC Winterthur vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets 2-6

The Rockets got off to a brillant start of the ranking round and earned a 6-2 road win against Winterthur. Things seemed to go south, considering that after only 2 minutes and 47 seconds of play Winterthur scored the first goal of the game with Tim Wieser during the first PP opportunity of the night. Reinhard and Reuille’s guys, however, proved to have some real character. And by the 33rd minute of play, they went 3-1 ahead thanks to the goals scored by Misha Moor, Loic Vedova and Max Gerlach. During the early stages of the last third then, the hosts made it a brand new game with Lucas Bachofner… but also in this case, the visitors showed to have some real character and during the last part of the game they set the 6-2 final score thanks to Max Gerlach (hat-trick!) and Jason Fritsche.

HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs HC Sierre 0-2

The Rockets fought hard but that wasn’t enough to avoid the 2-0 home defeat suffered against Sierre. The Sédunois scored the first goal of the game with Enzo Guebey during the latest stages of the first period… and then set the 2-0 final score thanks to the PP goal scored by Arnaud Montandon. But the Ticinesi were a tough nut to crack. Unfortunately though, other than the defeat suffered it came also – at the same time – the win of Winterthur earned against the EVZ Academy.


The guys are alive!

There is no denying that it’s all complicated right now and it’s even more complicated because of the turbulences that are going on and about which we don’t want to talk right now if not only to express briefly what follows by opening a parenthesis.

Turbulences were needed in order to finally talk about the Ticino Rockets. That’s good… or rather, maybe it’s not good.

Closed parenthesis.

Said that, it’s right between turbulences that the Rockets proved to be very much alive! They earned a great road win against Winterthur and then fought hard against Sierre. Unfortunately, the win earned in Winterthur was thwarted by the fact that Winterthur itself then won against the EVZ Academy… but this is sport. And Reinhard and Reuille’s troops need to try their harders from now until the end of the ranking round even if only to approach the eventual league qualification with self-confidence.

It’s not easy though, to keep morale high. After that Winterthur won in Langenthal the last game of the regular season 3-2 thanks to the decisive goal scored during the latest stages… empty net (sigh!), the same Winterthur was able to win against the EVZ Academy in the second game of the ranking round. Therefore, for the second time in just few days, the Rockets had to swollow a bitter pill after that they went closer in terms of points to the rival Winterthur.

Turbolences off the ice. Turbolences on the ice. But the Rockets aren’t rockets for nothing… they’re not “simple” planes that suffer turbolences. They’re rockets capable of resisting turbolences. They proved that in recent times. They’re rockets that still have four game to achieve something that is comparable to the win of a title… namely, to avoid the league qualification. It will not be easy, the guys don’t even have the destiny in their own hands. They need to win again against Winterthur, they need to earn more points and meanwhile hope that Winterthur will lose some game.

But the guys are alive, they’re very much alive. GoRocketsGo!

And finally, we’d like to open again the parenthesis… we hope it won’t be to late when finally, maybe, we all realize just how important the Rockets are for Ticino and Davos and Lausanne. And how important is that this team is able to mantain their place in the Swiss League.

Closed parenthesis. For good. Keep on fighting guys!


Here are the next games of the Rockets.

28.02.2020 19:45 EVZ Academy HC Biasca Ticino Rockets
01.03.2020 20:00 HC Biasca Ticino Rockets EVZ Academy
06.03.2020 20:00 HC Sierre HC Biasca Ticino Rockets
08.03.2020 17:30 HC Biasca Ticino Rockets EHC Winterthur