20th week – 17.02.2020 – 23.02.2020


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As we all know, Fribourg Gottéron is always capable of everything and it’s opposite, capable of the best and the worst. This last week – a crucial one in the context of the playoffs battle – Fribourg was capable of the best and it’s our team of the week. No ifs, no buts. Point.

The Dragons won consecutively against Lausanne on the road, against Lugano at home and finally against Langnau on the road. These were three big wins, earned thanks to three performances that were different from each other but that also had some points in common: the dedication, the commitment, the capability of making the difference at the key moments and, most and above all, the Team spirit. This is a real Team, with the capital T, perfectly coached by the trio formed by Christian Dubé, Pavel Rosa and Sean Simpson!

It’s a pleasure to watch Fribourg Gottéron play like that. This team can make its fans proud also when is not at the top of its game because of the factors mentioned in the previous paragraph.

This is Fribourg Gottéron. This is what Fribourg Gottéron is all about!

This is Fribourg Gottéron that can ignite the enthusiasm of the fans. This is Fribourg Gottéron that can amaze. This is Fribourg Gottéron that we all want to see. This is Fribourg Gottéron that must keep it up also next week.

Right, because despite everything the playoffs aren’t a guarantee yet. One last effort is needed. One last step must be taken. That last step that, oftentimes in history, this club couldn’t take… but that step that, currently, the whole club deserves!

Yep, because the Dragons are really the team of the moment.

They’re rock solid in defense and they can count on Reto Berra who is “on fire”. They have great imports. They can score – indeed they could score more… – at the key moments of the games and they’re able to take the “momentum” on their side at any time. Moreover, they never – but never! – give up. See the game of Saturday night against Lugano… things seemed to go south – it would have been nothing new for this club… – but instead the team was able to turn things around.

And now dream on, Fribourg Gottéron. Dream and don’t wake up. Just do what you have to do. Fight hard and gift your fans with a memorable last part of the season.

We mean, keep it up Dragons!


Hans Kossmann (Coach, SC Bern)

This last week, Bern firstly earned a home win against Rapperswil and then a road win against Lugano. The Bears earned two consecutive “3 points” win for the first time since mid-December. They earned a “3 points” win in Lugano for the first time since February 2013. Always in Lugano, moreover, they earned their last “3 points” road win since mid-December.

Bern couldn’t find a better time to earn these results. Right, because now the Bears are masters of their own destiny when it comes to making the playoffs!

Regardless of the level of the performances, the team now coached by Hans Kossmann is putting emotions into the games again. The fans appreciate this. And right Hans Kossmann is one of our three stars of the week. After the experience in Zürich, Hans had everything to lose when he accepted the job in Bern. But he’s doing a great job. And if this team makes the playoffs… with Karhunen between the pipes… well, other teams should be scared!

Jonas Hiller (EHC Biel-Bienne)

Bienne earned two wins out of two this last week and is now officially green on the txt. We mean, the Seeländer are back “in-form” at the most important time of the season and will make the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season. This is something that hasn’t happened since the late 80s / early 90s. This alone, is an impressive achievement.

That said, there is a player that lately has been increasing his level of play a lot. Or rather, there is a player that is back at the top of his game. We’re talking about a goalie and more precisely about Jonas Hiller.

It’s not only a matter of saving percentages, but it’s mostly a matter of making the right saves at the right times and to instil confidence in the team. Jonas is back being “on fire” at the key moment of the season. This is (also) what world class players are all about.

Pius Suter (ZSC Lions)

The ZSC Lions are still battling for the place at top of the table and won two games out of two this last week. Firstly, they earned a 3-1 home win against Ambrì-Piotta and then a 4-1 road win against Zug.

That’s not nothing for this team that one year ago missed the playoffs. There are many reasons why the Lions turned from “flop” to “top” in a matter of 12 months. The coaching staff, first of all. And, among other things, also the fact that Pius Suter is back at the top of his game!

We think it’s safe to say that Pius Suter deserves the symbolic award of MVP of the regular season. The 23 years old forward has been delivering fantastic performances throughout the whole regular season. And during the last game played in Zug he scored 4 goals in less than 60 minutes… that was the icing on the cake for his great season!


Il Capitano, it’s as simple as that… Mathieu Tschantré (EHC Biel-Bienne)

On Saturday night, Pius Suter scored 4 goals in Zug while Damien Riat scored 4 goals at the Tissot Arena for Bienne. Yet, it wasn’t Damien – paradoxically – to be the hero of the night. The hero of the night was Mathieu Tschantré – to whom the fans deservedly paid tribute as he will retire at the end of this season.

It was an emotional night for this player who is a real Legend in Bienne. Il Capitano, it’s as simple as that!


Lausanne HC & HC Lugano

This week, for the first team, we have two disappointments. Lausanne and Lugano. The fans of the two teams are long-time friends, and therefore can cry together now.

The Lions Vaudois lost three games out of three this last week. Firstly, they suffered two home defeats against Fribourg Gottéron and Bienne and then suffered also a road defeat against Rapperswil. The Bianconeri for their part lost two games out of two. Firstly, they lost in Fribourg and then also at home against Bern.

Therefore, Lausanne are back being involved in the playoffs battle while Lugano is no longer master of its own fate.

Ville Peltonen’s troops are still too emotionless in our opinion. It doesn’t really matter that they controlled the game against Fribourg most of the time, it doesn’t really matter that they performed well against Bienne (the best performance since a while) and that in Rapperswil controlled the game for the first two periods of play. The truth is that this team still darn struggles to exploit its full potential.

Serge Pelletier’s troops for their part collapsed after two periods in Fribourg and remained in the locker room in the first few minutes of the game against Bern. That cost a lot also because of some individual mistakes. Mind you, the Bianconeri can still make the playoffs. In fact, it’s possible that if they earn 6 points next week, they can still finish in the top 8 at the last gasp. Let’s face it, after two great months, two missteps aren’t a total disaster, it’s just a pity for them that the two missteps came at the worst possible time. Nevertheless, this team is still alive.

We mean, Lausanne at risk… Lugano no longer master of its own destiny… yep, we’re sorry. But these week Lions Vaudois and Bianconeri are the disappointment of the week.

Up and at them, good luck for the last week!