It’s Monday, and just like every Monday it’s time to talk about the Ticino Rockets!

The regular season is over, let’s see what the Rockets did in the last two games.


HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs HC Thurgau 6-3

The Rockets earned a 6-3 home win against Thurgau and that was the first ever home win for the Ticinesi against Thurgau! The visitors took the lead almost immediately thanks to Andri Spiller but Karim Del Ponte tied things up already before the first break. Then, Reinhard and Reuille’s troops made the difference as the game went on… by the 45th minute of play in fact, Jason Fritsche, Timo Haussener, Dominic Buchli, Loic Vedova and Max Gerlach killed the game. And it doesn’t really matter that Thurgau scored the goal of the temporary 3-2 during the central period again with Andri Spiller. And it doesn’t also matter that during the final stages Janik Loosli scored another goal for the visitors that only set, however, the 6-3 final score.

EHC Olten vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets 7-2

There was no deal to make for the Ticino Rockets in Olten. The hosts took a 5-goals lead in a matter of half-an-hour thanks to Dion Knelsen, Lukas Haas, Alban Rexha, Evgeni Chiriaev and Daniel Eigenmann. Only after that, Marco Cavalleri scored the first goal for the Rockets. But it didn’t change much, because during the last third Olten scored two more goals with Dion Knelsen and Riccardo Sartori while, in between, Jerome Portmann scored the second goal for the visitors. 7-2 the final score.


Forza ragazzi!

What a pity, it’s the first thing that comes to our mind. The Ticino Rockets were able to defeat Thurgau and approach Winterthur on the table. Then, however, on Saturday night… meanwhile the Rockets suffered a road defeat against Olten, Winterthur hit the jackpot as went to earn a 3-2 win in Langenthal and by doing so they restored their 4-points lead.

So, here is how the table looks like ahead of the Ranking Round that will start this Friday.

Swiss League table – Last 4 teams

9 HC Sierre 44 109 158 -49 45
10 EVZ Academy 44 103 170 -67 43
11 EHC Winterthur 44 101 207 -106 31
12 HC Biasca Ticino Rockets 44 100 192 -92 27


First of all, we’d like to stress that this was the second best ever regular season for the Ticino Rockets in terms of points. Only the first season under Luca Cereda (40 points in 48 games) was better. That said…

There are still 6 games left to play, 6 games that can be called “do-or-die”. Six games against the other three “weakest” teams of the league. But six games that aren’t gonna be a walk in the park, because the Rockets darn struggled against these opponents this season. In fact, let’s have a look at the Swiss League table that takes into consideration only the games between EVZ Academy, Winterthur, Sierre and Rockets.

Swiss League table – EVZ Academy, EHC Winterthur, HC Sierre, HC Biasca Ticino Rockets

As said, the Rockets darn struggled and earned only 6 points in 12 games. That’s not good enough. After all, we had already the chance to stress that – paradoxically – the troops coached by Reinhard and Reuille performed much better against the big teams this season.

But now, more or less, nothing that happened count anymore. Starting from Friday, a new season starts. A season made of 6 games and a season that the Rockets start with a 4 points handicap. A season that, moreover, will see its “key moment” already on Friday.

In few days in fact, the first game of the Ranking Round will be between Winterthur and Ticino Rockets. Needless to say, if the Ticinesi lose this one, it will be almost impossible to dream of the 11th place that would allow to avoid the delicate League Qualification series.

And so, on Friday night, we all have to support the Ticino Rockets. It’s gonna be a very important game, perhaps the most important game – to date – of the Rockets’ history. A game that will not be suitable for the faint of heart.

There is nothing else to say. Other than… Forza Ragazzi!


Here is the ranking round schedule… GORocketsGO!

Date Puck drop Home Away
21.02.2020 20:00 EHC Winterthur HC Biasca Ticino Rockets
23.02.2020 16:00 HC Biasca Ticino Rockets HC Sierre
28.02.2020 19:45 EVZ Academy HC Biasca Ticino Rockets
01.03.2020 20:00 HC Biasca Ticino Rockets EVZ Academy
06.03.2020 20:00 HC Sierre HC Biasca Ticino Rockets
08.03.2020 17:30 HC Biasca Ticino Rockets EHC Winterthur